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Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Go out an enjoy some nature! And, for anyone who is interested, NOVA is having a special tonight called “The Car of the Future” and it’s hosted by two of my favorite guys… Tom and Ray from Car Talk! Tonight at 8pm on PBS. Enjoy! :)


Monday, April 14th, 2008

I’ll be downstate visiting my brother and sister-in-law this week, so apologies if I’m slow to reply to emails and phone calls. I’m looking forward to a little mini-vacation before the season kicks into high gear next month!
In the mean time, here’s another shot from Cristyn and Mark’s engagement. I like this shot, but wasn’t sure if the flare was too extreme… but I was strongly encouraged to post it by some other photographers, so here it is!


Have a great week everyone!

Cristyn and Mark

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

I met up with Cristyn and Mark, who are getting married on July 5th, to do a quick engagement shoot at Mendon Ponds. We had some great “golden hour” light, and had plenty of 4 legged company watching us shoot… a few dozen deer and one squirrel that I am pretty sure was trying to steal my wallet…

Engagement shoots are a fun time to do some poses that most brides would not be interested in attempting while wearing the big white dress… I love adventurous couples who are willing to climb trees and get on the ground!



Here’s some serious flare! I like the warmth the sun gives these images.





Unfortunately, spring hasn’t fully sprung yet, but I really like the golden light with the earthy browns, and Mark’s shirt adds a great pop of color!




Thanks so much for meeting up with me Cristyn and Mark, it was a gorgeous day and a fun shoot. I can’t wait till the wedding!

Stacy and Andrew are married!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I had the honor this weekend of kicking off my 2008 season with Stacy and Andrew and their friends and family for a killer Rochester wedding! We ended up with a beautiful, sunny and sliiiiightly crisp Saturday, much to everyone’s relief…

The wedding was at Chapel Hill, which is so beautiful inside.

The ceremony was sweet and charming, with numerous references to running (Stacy and Andrew met running track in college) which had everyone smiling. Look at this gorgeous bride!



We headed over to do some portraits at the Rush Rhees library at the U of R- Stacy and Andrew’s alma mater.


And then took over one of the private rooms for this wedding party shot… I love it!

Then it was on to the German House for a killer party!
There was a ton of great dancing, they had me cracking up all night… at one point, the wedding party got tgether to serenade the mother of the bride with the song “Stacy’s Mom” it was priceless!

Longest. Congaline. Ever. and still trying to recruit more!


Love the movement in this shot.

And one of Stacy and Andrew’s last turns on the dance floor… so sweet!

Thank you guys so much for sharing the day with me, I had SO much fun!