Stacy and Andrew are married!

I had the honor this weekend of kicking off my 2008 season with Stacy and Andrew and their friends and family for a killer Rochester wedding! We ended up with a beautiful, sunny and sliiiiightly crisp Saturday, much to everyone’s relief…

The wedding was at Chapel Hill, which is so beautiful inside.

The ceremony was sweet and charming, with numerous references to running (Stacy and Andrew met running track in college) which had everyone smiling. Look at this gorgeous bride!



We headed over to do some portraits at the Rush Rhees library at the U of R- Stacy and Andrew’s alma mater.


And then took over one of the private rooms for this wedding party shot… I love it!

Then it was on to the German House for a killer party!
There was a ton of great dancing, they had me cracking up all night… at one point, the wedding party got tgether to serenade the mother of the bride with the song “Stacy’s Mom” it was priceless!

Longest. Congaline. Ever. and still trying to recruit more!


Love the movement in this shot.

And one of Stacy and Andrew’s last turns on the dance floor… so sweet!

Thank you guys so much for sharing the day with me, I had SO much fun!

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  1. Rob Munroe Says:

    Hey Megan, That wedding party shot is something that belongs in Vanity Fair Magazine. I LOVE THAT IMAGE.

    Great work lady

  2. Stacy Whitbeck Says:


    We can’t tell you the number of wonderful comments we have gotten about the pictures you put up. They truly are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us and documenting so many memories that we will treasure for years to come.

    Stacy and Drew

  3. Mary Anne Allen Says:

    Thank you so much for being everywhere, ALL the time. Many people have remarked to me about the photographer Stacy and Andrew had. It did not go unnoticed by anyone that you were there doing a fantastic job.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. I do love the wedding party shot and I agree with the above comment. What a great idea!
    Stacy’s Mom

  4. megan8 Says:

    Stacy, Drew and Mary Anne, I’m so glad you all like them, I really had a BLAST with you guys!

    And Rob, it’s so funny you said that… I actually asked the wedding party if they wanted to do a Vanity Fair style shot! :) I guess it worked!

  5. mike Says:

    those are great, megano! love that group shot and the b&w above it.

  6. Eileen McMaster Says:

    I was unable to attend due to a family committment but I am really enjoying all of the pictures. Stacy looks soooo happy. What a beautiful day. Great pictures!

  7. KeRRi Says:

    LOVE all of them!!! What a killer way to start off this season! Love the one where they are sitting on the floor… so cute and casual. Love the wedding party shot. Love the congaline. Looks like you had a ball with this one.

  8. Sally Whitbeck Says:

    Megan, I cannot find the right words to tell you how wonderful your photo’s are. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of Stacy and Andy’s wedding. I will be very happy to recommend you for other weddings and parties. You did a fantastic job in these photo’s of capturing the essence of the wedding and the love Stacy and Andy have for one another. Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful day. Sally

  9. Mary Says:

    WOW, your best work yet! I hope you submit the wedding party shot to a wedding photo contest, that’s a winner. Your work is fantastic!

  10. Hillary Says:

    Geeeez Megan! This group of photographs are insane! (The surroundings are great too.) Beautiful church.

    Impressive shots!

  11. Hillary Says:

    Maybe Eric and I should get re-married so you can come down here and shoot it. I wish I had you do it before! Ha, ha…

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