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Baby love!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Hello everyone! Sorry for the blog-lag. I’ve been off in album-design-land, a magical place where people sit hunched over Indesign into the wee hours of the morning… but don’t worry, that’s when I’m most productive! So far, each client I have sent albums to this season has requested extra copies, which is great! They really do look beautiful, and I’m so pleased that my couples love them so much!

Now, I don’t generally advertise myself as a baby photographer, but it’s something I do once in a while that I really enjoy… so I’ve decided to run a little promo! Anyone who books baby session between now and Valentine’s Day will receive $25 off the session fee! Contact me for details… and bring on the babies!



Blog for Charity, and reward your ears!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

One of my favorite musicians, Neko Case, has teamed up with the charity Best Friends Animal Society… for every blog that reposts this link, her label will donate $5 to help find homes for animals. :D

Download her new single, “People Got A Lotta Nerve” free here!
Anti Records

I think they also donate a dollar for downloads, but honestly the directions are really confusing so I’m not sure. Ha ha!

Jamie and Matt’s Oak Hill Country Club Wedding

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

What a perfect day for a fantastic couple! Jamie and Matt are two of the nicest (and really ridiculously good looking…) people around… I was so thrilled when they booked with me last year! They now also hold the title for coolest wedding favor ever- home made vanilla extract! Who knew there was vodka involved? I have a whole new respect for vanilla ;)

I met up with the girls at Jamie’s parents’ house for some getting ready pictures…
sisterly cutness!

Jamie wore her mother’s wedding dress, which is such a sweet idea. They removed the sleeves and changed the neckline and a few other things to update it and make it her own… cool!

Jamie and Matt decided to do a first sight, which is such a great idea… especially for winter weddings, we got to do some portraits before the sun went away! I loved their reactions, just so quietly happy.

The ceremony at the University of Rochester was really charming.

I loved the vows!

Then it was on to Oak Hill Country Club. The toasts were hilarious…



Robot attack

And the portraits from earlier!

Is it something I said?!?? :)


Jamie is a dancer, can you tell?

This was just after the ceremony, on the river… I used the Sunrise/Sunset calculator on my iPod to check if we’d be in time for it when the ceremony ended and we just caught it. So pretty… thanks iPod! And mother nature, I guess. ;)

I stayed up late to finish this post (there were a few technical difficulties) I hope you two get to see it before heading off to Hawaii! I had an excellent time with you guys, congratulations!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!  I got my first shot at playing Rock Band at a party, and I’m hooked.. I’ve already downloaded a ripoff to my iPod and am learning to play “West Coast” by Coconut Records!  I’d like to post some pictures from the party, but I have to get them developed first (yes, developed) because I like to use my little toy Lomo camera for parties. :)

2009 brings a few exciting changes to the site, with an updated wedding gallery full of pictures from the last two seasons, and a sweet new blog layout with really big pictures!  Many thanks to my super talented friend and designer, Hillary Bort!!
Take a look around and enjoy!

Here are a couple of recent album spreads I designed… nice and big, huh?  Stay tuned to the blog for Jamie and Matt’s wedding this Saturday!!