Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

So excited about this post! I teamed up with coordinator extraordinaire Cyd of Sweetest Occasion and super stylish Ami at Elizabeth Ann Designs on this shoot. It all started with one little picture posted by Cyd, which was the basis for Ami’s lovely inspiration board

It was really impressive to watch Cyd at work, bringing her creative vision to life. We unloaded a ton of supplies from her car, and she went to work figuring out how exactly she wanted everything to look… I love this color combination, it is so simple and elegant.


I can’t go any further without mentioning our mascot of the day, my nephew Jeremy. Look how handsome!


You want this to be your seat. Don’t lie.




Cute favors!





I had so much fun shooting this with Cyd! It is really amazing to see how one little piece of inspiration can give rise to an entire wedding decoration theme!

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10 Responses to “Wedding Color Palette Inspiration”

  1. Jenn Says:

    What a GORGEOUS ROOM you took these in :-)

    I love the place settings, the color, the detail is amazing! And of course Jeremy! I wish he was my wedding mascot :-) Good job!

  2. Cyd Says:

    Stil so so in love with how these photos turned out. You’re a genius! ;-) Loved working with you, as always, and can’t wait for next time! xoxo (Can Jeremy come?)

  3. Mary T Says:

    LOVELY.. it makes me want to plan another wedding!
    And Jeremy.. adorable pose…love the crossed paws!

  4. Maureen Says:

    Gorgeous Megan!!!!!!!!

  5. Maureen Says:

    ps……… I LOVE the color combinations!

  6. laure Says:

    ooohhh, these are so pretty! Love, love, love the colors and the dog!

  7. Lisa Ridgely Says:

    I’ve just discovered your photography via Cyd’s post, and it is so, so stunning! Those cake shots are especially gorgeous. I scrolled through some of your recent posts – your work is really amazing.

  8. megan8 Says:

    Thank you everyone! Lisa, I love your site, the journal is so very clever! Your work is lovely :)
    Cyd, I think we make a great team! It’s easy to shoot something so beautiful! And of course Jeremy is always invited!

  9. KeRRi Says:

    Wow- What a fun shoot! Those colors are so simple- yet absolutely stunning. I am usually not a fan of doilies- but this works so well– who would think to lay so many clustered together?! And the textures are great- ribbon, tulle, flowers, doilies, cake, fluffy clean Jeremy!!! So fun!

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