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Katie and Sean • Rochester Wedding Photography

Monday, May 31st, 2010

I’ve been waiting for Katie and Sean’s wedding to roll around for a while now… we booked last spring and I shot their engagement pictures in the summer and had a lot of fun with them shooting around St. John Fisher (and falling over) and a pretty field. Plus it was time for our Buicks to reunite… they missed eachother! :)

I started out at Katie’s parents’ house where the girls were getting ready. Katie started crying when she first saw her dad and he asked her why she was crying and she was just like *sniff sniff* “I don’t know!” *sob* It was a ridiculously sweet moment.

The church was pretty… it’s nice to have really open space to work in.

Mr & Mrs!

For pictures, we headed to a beautiful house on the lake, which was great. We did a few bridal party pictures, and I had to post this one for the guys. They had some really elaborate plans for jumping shots, and jumping high five shots. I think we can all agree on who has the best form here…

Now of course on to the ones with just Katie and Sean… they told me they’d been practicing since our engagement. I didn’t think they needed it, but they do look mighty hot right here.

We also got some sunset shots at the hotel where the reception was, which I love! I’m going to pretend that’s a beautiful old estate in the background, ala Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice, instead of a furniture store. Romantic!

Now on to the party… I told Katie at one point that was the first reception where I ever actually lost track of time! Their family and friends were really entertaining!

Shooting dancing can be really tough. Most people dance in a circle formation, which means there’s a wall of backs aimed at me. Sometimes people do this thing where they make two parallel lines and then two people will dance down the middle. I LOVE this. Everyone should do this. So much easier to get great pictures!

Some of the girls also had an interesting choreographed dance:

Katie’s family are big Sinatra fans!

Dirty Dancing!

This really sums the two of them up… so happy together!

It has been an honor being your photographer Katie and Sean! Enjoy Lake Placid!!

Janet and Joe • Buffalo Wedding Photography

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Ok, so the unannounced, unofficial blog hiatus is now over! ;) I bought a house and moved in last week and have been trying to pack/unpack, clean and take care of all my clients so the blog took a backseat for the last month. But this summer/fall will be a blogstravaganza (I should probably trademark that… or never ever say it again. One of the two.) so hopefully that makes up for it!

Janet and Joe are awesome. They’re adorable, funny, and really good at frolicking. ;)

The ladies had their makeup done by the lovely and talented Michelle Sperazz. She had this little airbrush machine, and I think I need one now!

Amazing church, St. Louis in Buffalo.

My favorite part of the full mass ceremonies are the times where the couple sits or kneels together on the side of the altar. So many cute moments!

So sweet… I love bubbles and confetti for the exit!

We headed to Niagara Square for pictures, I love shooting in areas like this with all the cool architecture! And of course an incredibly good looking bridal party never hurts!

They are so cute!

We stopped in at the bar where the two met (during a storm that left Janet- but not Joe- without power and hot water.. aka not a girl’s favorite night to go out on the town, but when you need warmth and brews, you do what you have to do!) and the bartender took good care of Joe with this Guinness. Tis a thing of beauty…

While everyone was toasting and having a good time, Joe was taking some pictures with his camera… he took one of Janet and then went around showing it to everyone while smiling from ear-to-ear and saying “This is my wife.” It was one of the sweetest things everrrrr.

Everyone was primed for the party at Pearl Street

There was some serious rocking out at this party, Rachel and her husband blew my mind up with their moves (and shoe-switching!)

Here comes dance-bot.

Hey I see a groomsman in there…

This shot sums things up well… :)

I hope you’re having a great time frolicking in St. Lucia, I really enjoyed spending the day with you and your friends and family! Awesome way to kick off summer 2010!!!