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Caitlin and Andy • Rochester Wedding Photography

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I met Caitlin and Andy earlier this year, a few months after they booked… I love when I get a chance to meet my out of town clients before the wedding, and it’s especially great when they’re super nice, as is the case with these two! I was looking forward to seeing all of Caitlin’s details, since she works for Tiffany & Co! When I arrived at the hotel, it was the usual hustle and bustle as Caitlin’s bridesmaids buzzed around the suite taking care of all the details while Caitlin sat, calm and happy, having her makeup applied.

When Caitlin first saw her final look in the mirror it was so so so cute, she and her bridesmaids all giggled for about 3 straight minutes. I started giggling too, because that kind of happy is contagious!

Looking gorgeous!

Then her dad came in and it was tears all around…

You know how when you’re trying not to cry, and someone asks you if you’re ok, and that’s always the thing that starts you crying? Caitlin’s dad was prepared… so sweetly funny:

The ceremony was at Nazareth’s Linehan Chapel … loving the aisle.


I wish people were blowing bubbles and/or throwing confetti everywhere I went!

The church entrance is gorgeous…

Then we headed to the reception at the Plantation… good looking bridal party, wouldn’t you say? The rest of the portraits will be at the end, as usual!

Caitlin had a lot of lovely accessories, and in an effort to avoid this blog turning into a jewelry catalog, I’ll just give you the wedding bands… wow!

First dance!

I love this… everyone was into it!

I need to invite this gentleman to every wedding because he is awesome. He brought the party every time he stepped on to the dance floor.

Caitlin’s mom felt the same way I did! :)

On to the portraits… the sun sorta peeked out from behind the rainclouds to give us some really nice light at the reception. I like.

Oh sunshine!

Thanks for having me, you guys were fantastic! Enjoy the honeymoon :)

Lauren & Henry • Buffalo Wedding Photography

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Another awesome wedding last weekend! Lauren emailed me earlier today sweetly asking when the blog would be up because she’s so excited for the pictures (which I love!), and I’m excited too, so I’m going to jump right in!

I met the girls at Lauren’s parents’ house, which was really nice to shoot in… they had some cool furniture and nice light. The flowers were gorgeous!

Lauren looked just lovely!

The wedding and reception were held at Park Country Club which is pretty breathtaking and castle-like. You’ll see what I mean a few shots down! So much happiness…


I think when a man kisses a woman’s hand, it is such an elegant, gentlemanly gesture… and look how he’s looking at her! I think that, as I write this, I can already hear the collective swoon of every woman who sees this!

We had to go out front and take advantage of the dramatic setting! What did I tell you?

Bridal party win! I’m saving the rest of the portraits for the end… best for last! (Also, don’t you totally love the navy dresses with pink shoes and flowers? It’s so fab!)

First dance.


After all the formalities, Lauren and Henry kicked off the party with an awesome choreographed disco dance. It was really funny and they totally have moves. Right before it, as they stood off to the side, Henry looked at me and said “This is the most nervous I’ve been all day!” but no worries, you guys nailed it!

This one cracks me up!

There were multiple dance-offs over the course of the night, which is all I could ever really ask for.

Dance-battle with tambourines!

Portraits… we had so many cool spots to work with, I had a hard time choosing my favorites!

To finish up, I decided we needed to do some pictures in the room where the girls waited before the ceremony… which conveniently happened to be air conditioned. I think that was the slowest I’ve ever shot, ha ha!


Thanks so much for having me Lauren and Henry, I had so much fun with you!

I Got Picked! • Rochester Wedding Photography

Friday, June 11th, 2010

A while back, Design Aglow (a great resource for beautiful design, stunning templates, and all sorts of inspiration) announced a contest to be included in their upcoming “Inspire Me” posing guide. I rarely get around to entering photos in contests, but I had just the image in mind for this one so I sent it in. Of course I totally forgot about it until today, when I got an email announcing that one of my images was selected from over 1000 submissions. Woo!

Here’s a link with more info, and of course my winning image of Stacy and Drew with their super cool bridal party. My card is called “Character Study” :)

This rules!

Kristie and Jason • Watkins Glen Wedding Photography

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

It’s been a crazy whirlwind the last few weeks that looked something like this: moving-wedding-unpacking-wedding-birthday-nyc-philly-wedding-yardwork-atrocious combination of cold and allergies. To be followed by wedding-more unpacking-a lot more weddings. Ha ha! I can’t wait to get some of the pictures from my birthday trip, I had SO much fun! I got back just in time for Kristie and Jason’s wedding, and you have to hear their amazing “how we met” story. It’s one of the funniest!

Jason has a favorite bar that he goes to with his friends. They know the owner and she’s just a bit scatterbrained, so the guys like to play jokes on her occasionally. The prank in question involved secretly posting a “Help Wanted” sign out front and watching the owner deal with all the interested applicants. Kristie saw the sign and went in to apply, and the owner seemed confused so Kristie mentioned the sign. The owner still looked confused, but agreed to consider her because, after all, there was a sign up! Kristie got the job, and hit it off with Jason, and now here we are! I just love that a silly prank turned into a marriage… who would ever guess that the owner would not only agree to interview, but actually hire someone when she wasn’t even looking! I love it. :)

I headed down to Watkins Glen to meet the girls at Sunset on Seneca B&B . It’s a beautiful spot! Here’s Kristie’s custom-made dress:

The place was buzzing and Kristie was happy as could be as the girls had their hair and makeup done.

The ceremony was outside on the deck overlooking the lake… pretty view!

£ (a little inside joke!)

Oh hi little good-luck ladybug that landed on Kristie’s dad’s tux! Welcome to the party!

A few portraits at the B&B…

Then we headed to the pier near the Harbor Hotel.

Dancing! The way he looks at her is so very sweet…

Mother-son… aww.

It was too hot for most people to dance… but not too hot for tickling!

Thanks for having me guys! Congratulations!