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We Did It! • Pat’s Run

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

28,000 participants from 48 states and another 7,000 volunteers and spectators… all hanging out in the hot Arizona sun to pay tribute to Pat Tillman and raise money for scholarships for veterans. It was a pretty incredible experience.

My sister in law Kerri and I finally at the start… we had to wait almost 40 minutes for all the corrals in front of us to go. I was not about to faint in this picture. Just kidding I totally was.

This was Kerri’s and my first race. My brother is a badass triathlete, finished in the top 5% in a Tough Mudder the week before this race, and is training for the Ironman, so a 4.2 mile trot is like 1/4th of a warmup for him. He was kind enough to act as our personal photographer on the course!

We saw Jeff Lewis, a quadruple amputee and owner of the world’s best web address ( on the course and were just in awe.

The race ended on the 42 yard line of Sun Devil Stadium. As we got closer, we could hear Beat It filtering out of the stadium and I had the terrible idea to try to dance the rest of the way. That lasted for all of 3 seconds before I realized I needed every last drop of energy just to get to the finish line.

Having strangers cheering you on really does motivate you. Especially if they have funny signs!

This was one of the things I was most looking forward to- high fiving all the Sun Devils in the final stretch. Kerri and I agreed it was pretty awesome! I love super-excited guy next to super-stoic guy. This picture kills me!

I couldn’t resist buying this file from the professional photographers because you just can’t beat a triumphant shot the finish line of your first race ever. Maybe next time they’ll get us in focus instead of the bleachers 200 yards away.

It was an insanely awesome day (and weekend) and I can’t wait to do it again next year. (Faster!) I had the best time with Matt and Kerri and am so excited that we got to share such a big milestone… so it makes sense to end with a three amigos shot!

Pat’s Run • The Pat Tillman Foundation

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

In a few hours I’m heading to the airport to travel to Arizona for Pat’s Run, a 4.2 mile run honoring Pat Tillman and benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation, which provides scholarships to veterans and their families.

I have never run anywhere in my life. But after reading “Where Men Win Glory” by Jon Krakauer, my brother, sister in law and I decided we needed to be part of something paying tribute to Pat so we started training. The book is phenomenal… it covers Pat’s time in the NFL, his military service, his death, the coverup and finally the truth that he was killed by friendly fire. It is a gripping read. But that’s not the good part. The best part of the book is learning about the Pat behind the media hype… he had so much integrity, intelligence and honor. He learned from his mistakes, he actively challenged himself both physically and mentally… he was really incredible.

I can’t wait to be a part of this! I’ll see if I can post a picture of me dragging myself and my shin splints across the finish line for you. Until then, here’s a picture of Pat and his brother Kevin. Read the book!


Monday, March 14th, 2011

It turns out that my pretty little Pepper is actually a Border Terrier, maybe with a bit of Schnauzer mixed in. I’d never heard of Border Terriers, but it turns out they’re one of the top rated dogs for families because they’re smart, one of the more amiable terriers, and just overall pretty darn awesome. I mean, look at this face, LOOK AT IT.

She’s very laid back indoors and spends much of the time looking at me like this.

Sometimes she’s a big game hunter.

But mostly she’s napping or prepping for a nap.

But get her outside with her cousin Lilah and it’s a whooooole other story. I love Lilah’s expression, ha ha!

I think she actually might be part Border Terrier, part hover craft.

Poor Lilah… Pepper must have studied under Ali because she’s really got the float like a butterfly/sting like a bee thing down.


Border Terriers were bred to hunt foxes, so they have to have the endurance and speed to keep up with horses over long distance and the agility and strength to ferret out foxes once they go into their dens. Let’s just say Border Terriers don’t really tire out… ever.

Once Lilah is all tired out, Jeremy gets a chance to play too… look at his little coat!

He can’t stay out too long though, cause the snow gets all balled up on his fur… could he be any cuter? Breakin’ hearts, Jeremy…


Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I got a dog! Finallyyyyy :) It was a long and frustrating process, but I finally found what I was looking for in Pepper, a little schnauzer mix from North Carolina. I didn’t intend to use a shelter so far away, but there are very few schnauzers (my breed of choice) on so I kept expanding my search. Fortunately for me, they transport… unfortunately for me they did not realize that Rochester is not close to NYC. So last week I headed down to NJ to spend a day with my brother and sister-in-law and wait for Pepper to arrive.

The transport showed up at 7 am and I was sooo nervous! But they brought out little Pepper and she just looked like this hilarious, scruffy little ewok… it was basically love at first sight. We immediately went for a nice long Cesar-approved walk during which she nearly pulled my arm out of the socket… fortunately after a while I remembered a Cesar trick and it is working beautifully! (Thanks for this great picture, Kerri!)

We got about 2 feet of snow since I brought her home, I think my little southern belle is enjoying it! Except for the fact that when we come home from every walk, she has a little snow ball beard! Look at her little sweet face!

All of these have been just with my point and shoot so far, I can’t wait to get out my gear and do a puppy portrait session, ha ha :) Pepper is a bundle of energy outside, and just lays around snoring inside (SO loud… the other day she woke herself up with it!) she has great house manners!

My girl!

She is a great fetcher… I’ve been setting up obstacles for her to jump over when we play in the house and it has been super funny… look at her intensity! Shortly after this round of fetch she ripped the spine off of the triceratops (which was labeled “indestructible!”) Sidenote: pay no attention to the fact that I still haven’t fully unpacked and hung pictures since I bought my house… hey it was an extremely busy season! :)

As a side benefit of my trip down to pick up Pepper, I got to meet Matt and Kerri’s new dog, his name is Jersey… he is so handsome! He and Pepper got along great on our first little pack walk! :)

Blurry point and shoot picture of the happy family!

I promise I will post some regular shoots soon!

…and then more pictures of Pepper. :)

Sipra and Jan • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I knew I would like Sipra from the start. Her first email was sweet, engaging and enthusiastic and when we met to talk over details, her personality matched right up. I didn’t get to meet Jan until half a year later, when we did the engagement shoot, and I totally love their dynamic- she’s bubbly and sweet, and he’s quiet and witty. It’s a really cute combination! We had fun wandering around Highland Park and Corbett’s Glen for the shoot… I even forgot that I was moving the next day! :) With only a few weeks left until the wedding, I am really pleased I got a break to post the engagement photos!

We started at Highland Park, which was a challenge since it was during the Lilac Fest- there were people everywhere. I managed to find a few angles that looked like we had the place to ourselves…

Then we headed to Corbett’s Glen, which is a cool place to shoot!

Is that spiderman crouching up there on the ceiling… I mean, I can’t blame him for wanting to join the party, we are pretty cool after all.

We also went to the other entrance to Corbett’s Glen, which is a really pretty little trail.

I love this one… his big manly hand next to her dainty face!

Pretty light..

See you guys soon! :)


Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I’m going to guess I’m not the only one who sits around thinking “I want to volunteer more!” and then never gets around to it because there’s an album that needs designing, pictures that need editing, or whatever. Luckily, sometimes opportunities to give just fall right into your lap.

I got an email on Christmas from a girl named Victoria asking if I could take some pictures for a book she was writing with help from The Dream Factory, which is a non-profit that helps chronically and terminally sick kids achieve their dreams. Victoria is a sparkly person. I knew it as soon as I met her, she’s got this breathless enthusiasm that is totally contagious. A Lyme Disease carrying tick tried to tone down her sparkle, but I’m pretty sure it just made her shine even brighter. For the past five years, she’s dealt with the devastating effects of chronic Lyme Disease including seizures, daily I.V. antibiotics, and even a coma. She’s been chronicling her journey, as well as progress on the book on her blog and she asked for my help with creating a multimedia package to send to authors to write her foreword.

When I arrived at Victoria’s dorm, she started getting out the supplies for her daily I.V. antibiotics… boxes and boxes of stuff more fitting of a pharmacy than a dorm room. We put on our masks and she got to work, accessing a port by her clavicle. I asked if it hurt, and she said the area was numb from being punctured daily. The treatment takes an hour, and she did it every single day for about one full year. I’m happy to report that she is off the I.V. now! Yay Victoria!!!



Victoria wants to use her newfound expertise to go into the medical field and help others.


Now we wait.

Fortunately, a teen and a cellphone make the time go by quickly. :)

Once it’s over, she has to clear the line and then bandage the area.

We had planned to do a couple of different shoots, Victoria likes to jog and take walks with her friends, however one unfortunate symptom of Lyme Disease is that it causes pain receptors to misfire, basically telling your brain that something is hurting you when nothing really is. Because of this, Victoria was in a wheelchair for a couple of months but worked with a walker to maintain her strength. I’m happy to say Victoria is now not only out of the wheelchair, but is back to running! Woo hoo!!


Victoria wanted the potential foreword-writers to get to know her a little bit, beyond all the medical stuff. We gathered a few of her friends to play some games at a coffeehouse, and got some fun shots of Victoria in her natural state (aka laughing and having fun!) Many thanks to Spot Coffee for reserving a space for us on a very busy Saturday afternoon!





Victoria, I’m so glad that you contacted me to help you with this project… I cannot wait to see the finished book! Your bravery in the face of such adversity is completely admirable and it was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and your friends!