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Farewell, 2013! • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Now that 2014 is upon us, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite photographs from my 2013 weddings… a huge “Thank You” to all my couples for making it such a fun and successful year! Your move, 2014-ers :)

Ashley & Joey’s Cornell wedding was so very special. Just a few days into the new year and I got to witness their giddy, gleeful love for each other.

Next up was Becca and Mike’s intimate ceremony at Bristol Harbour… it was bitterly cold but these two braved the elements for some gorgeous shots! So much fun hanging out with them!

Laura and Steve’s wedding at Belhurst Castle was beautiful, we were so lucky to catch the flowering trees! I loved their first look!

Stephanie and Matt’s ridiculously fun (most of the wedding party/guests are in musical theater, so the dance floor was insaaaane) was at the Genesee Country Museum. But no dance moves could upstage the canine romance that happened when we were shooting some portraits of Stephanie, Matt, Gizmo and Scamp… it’s so inappropriate, but so, so funny!

Katrina and Matt were one of my earliest bookings ever- over two years in advance, so I had tons of time to anticipate their day! It was everything I hoped it would be, sweet, emotional and fun. Matt watching Katrina come down the aisle is one of my favorites of the year! Look at that tear!!!

Karen and Will are such a fantastic pair… so sweet and genuine, it was so fun to spend the day with them, their wonderful family and friends! Plus we got to hang out at this incredible waterfall for a while!!

I got to travel down to the NJ for Dan and Megan’s ridiculously fun wedding… I love these two and am dead set on making them hang out with me next time I’m down there to visit my brother and sister-in-law. This shot made me laugh so hard… so Megan!!

I think Elizabeth and Mark take the prize for craziest wedding day weather… it was pouring, then sunny, then pouring, then sunny. Just a wild day! Elizabeth had found a barn she loved near the ceremony site and asked the homeowners a week or two before the wedding if we could use their property. The barn was really cool, but my jaw dropped when I saw what was out back… absolutely stunning!!!

Bre and Dan’s wedding was every bit as awesome as I was hoping it would be after hearing all of her plans, I loved the whole look… Bre should be a wedding coordinator!

I loved Jasmine and Grayson’s wedding at Glenora, the wedding totally reflected their personalities and I adored the ceremony set up!

I got to head up to Tughill Vineyards in Lowville, NY (aka one of the prettiest places ever) for Amber and Clif’s fabulous wedding. I just love these two. So fun to photograph. :)

Kelly and Jason’s beautiful wedding at the Sherwood in Skaneateles had so many highlights! I love this image, and it gets a little extra bump because Jason pointed out the spot and that it was the kind of light I love. How awesome is it that he remembered from our engagement shoot? I love my couples!!!

Ah, I can’t get enough of these two! Christi and Ergin are some of the nicest people ever. And this moment during their first look was so special. Ergin just bear hugged Christi (but in a very photogenic way, of course) and exclaimed, “this is a dream come true!” So lovely!!

Man, I have had such great luck during my career… I really do get the sweetest couples ever. Jess and Andrew and their family and friends were the best. What a great day!

Lauren and Chris had another fabulous day at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo. Probably one of my favorite venues of the year, and Lauren and Chris were so sweet and relaxed all day. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them!

Jill and Zach’s wedding was a beautiful, emotional day. These two are so in love, and on top of it all, Zach’s sister Ryan is serving overseas. Zach’s father used Skpe on an iPad to allow Ryan to watch the ceremony and parts of the reception.

Brittany and Sean didn’t let anything disrupt their fun on their wedding day, I loved their attitudes! Brittany was excited about pictures in downtown Skaneateles, but unfortunately it was pouring rain all day. I told her that I was up for it if she was up for it, but wasn’t going to keep my hopes up… much to my surprise, she said “Let’s do it!” and out into the rain the three of us ran. Totally worth it, I love pictures in the rain and we had so much fun taking them!

Tree and Alexi had slightly better luck with the Skaneateles weather gods! I love Tree’s bubbly, sweet personality and how Alexi’s wit keeps her constantly giggling… they’re so cute together!

Jess and Mike, two of the loveliest hearts. Seriously. The kindest people. And a beautiful fall day in Ithaca :)

While Calvin and Laura’s bridal party lined up for introductions, I saw this gorgeous opportunity for a silhouette at Esperanza Mansion. So beautiful, and I love that you can still see them smiling at each other even though it is a just a silhouette!

Jennie and Greg had such a fun and emotional day! Jennie’s brother performed a tribute during the ceremony to honor family members they had lost and he had a bit of trouble getting through it, so Jennie got up to comfort and encourage him. Love this moment. What a great family!

Andrea and Phil’s beautiful wedding at the Genesee Valley Club was a great way to wrap up the season! I was under the weather, but we had so many pretty spots to work with in the club that it helped keep me distracted from my sore throat! :)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you once again for making it a fantastic year!!!! <3

Lauren & Chris • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Hooray for Lauren and Chris! These two are so in love and so laid back, the wedding was just a whirlwind of fun! Plus I knew they’d rock the portraits because of our beautiful engagement last fall!

I met up with the girls at the hotel and Lauren was totally embracing the day and having fun. I love her expression here!

What a gorgeous bride!

We headed off to St. Louis Church for the ceremony, I could not stop laughing as the flower girls came down the aisle with the ring bearer. That kid can multi task, ha ha!

I love the way Lauren looks at Chris!


We headed to Hoyt Lake for portraits, this place is beautiful!! Loved the bridal party, looking sharp!

Favorites. <3

We headed off to the lovely Burchfield Penney Art Center for the reception, I hadn’t been here before but it is gorgeous!

These two!

I feel like you can see exactly how Lauren has looked at her dad since she was a little girl in this shot… so sweet.

Let ‘er riiiip!

Wedding MVP was a done deal with this shot. Commitment!

Congratulations, Lauren and Chris! You guys are the best!

Breanna & Dan • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Hooray, it is finally Breanna and Dan’s turn on the blog! I had so much fun photographing these two, they’re just adorable! They live in Erie but are getting married in Skaneateles so we decided to split the difference and shoot in Buffalo. We got started in the city and had some pretty cool locations to work with!

The birds were jealous and wanted to get in on the shoot.

Breanna’s hair is incredible. So jealous!

We also headed to the Japanese Gardens for some more natural surroundings. I luurve this one!


Such a cool building.

Can’t wait to see you two in just a couple of months!!!

Lauren & Chris • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

I am so excited for Lauren and Chris’s wedding this coming September! They booked me last September and we had an incredible engagement shoot that I’m finally getting around to sharing! I was so excited about all the locations we had to explore, as well as the great light that day. It was quite chilly, but it looks warm so let’s just go with it!

Lauren is a knockout!

Chris and Lauren are so cute together. He moved from CT to Buffalo for her, aww!

Outfit change! The trees were just beginning to turn, and the sky was that amazingly crisp autumn blue.

Just being really ridiculously good looking. NBD.

And, saving my favorites for last… oh, that sun! We haven’t seen that thing in about 4 months so it’s really nice to get a refresher.

Julie & Anthony • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Oh, Julie and Anthony… what a year they have had! In May, they bought a condo in Florida. In August, Julie crashed while bicycling thanks to an aggressive dog and got some pretty major road rash, and 3 weeks ago Anthony took a job offer and they moved to NJ! All while planning their wedding! Insanity. But these two handled it with aplomb!

Julie was glowing as she got ready at the Embassy Suites in Buffalo… just so classic and beautiful. What rain?

The ceremony was at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, it is really beautiful there! The priest is quite strict and does not allow photographers to move around, so I asked a very kind guest to hold a place for me in a pew so I wouldn’t be relegated to the back the whole time. It worked out very well, I had a great vantage point to watch Julie and Anthony gleefully exchange vows. But first, look at this place! Amazing!

It’s official!

Cloud nine!

It was very cold, windy and rainy, kudos to Julie for braving the chill for this one!

The reception was held at the incredible Buffalo Club, so many great places to shoot in the building.

This hallway is magical!


Lots of sweetness during the dances…

Love this look… so sweet!


Oh yeah, it was that kinda night!

It’s that time, friends. MVP time. There were a lot of contenders but Julie’s cousin is the clear winner. On top of his duties as king of the dance floor, he was also like some kind of photobombing ninja. So funny!

Work it Julie!

Anthony was rocking it too!

And together they are unstoppable!!!

Thank you so so much for having me, I had a great time with you guys! Hope you finally get a chance to relax now!! :D

Kate and Mike • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

16 Days. That’s how long it took Mike to know he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kate. 1000+ days to make it official. And I got to be there for it! :) I shot Kate and Mike last September on a hot and extremely buggy day and I could see that certainty then. It’s such a comforting energy to be around, they are just totally in love!

I met the girls at the hotel where preparation was underway…

Kate’s mom admires her lovely daughter

Kate’s mom and longtime hairdresser and friend react to seeing her in her dress… :)

The ceremony was very sweet and happy…

So ready..

I love the way Mike looks at Kate.

I love this bridal party so much… seriously some of the nicest ever!

They make it so easy for me!

I <3 fountains!

Confession time: riding in limos makes me feel ill. But it can make for some great moments…

Loved Kate’s simple, beautiful bouquet.

I have been cracking up at this picture since Saturday… it would be selfish of me not to share it I think. LOL! Love it!

Best friends! Kate told me she was not a pretty crier… methinks she wasn’t being very truthful.

So, as I mentioned before, this wedding party ruled. They were super fun and ridiculously nice… I had so much fun with everyone!

Best dance move of the night.

Now it is time for the ceremonial naming of the Wedding MVP. Or, in this case, MVP’s… as illustrated by the next 3 photos. The good news is that they’re a couple so they don’t have to fight it out or anything (or, if you do, make it a breakdance fight and I’ll shoot it!) These two seemed pretty chill for most of the day but as soon as the dance floor opened up, they went nuts.

Kate and Mike decided to throw the bouquet and garter at the same time and Emily made a valiant effort but missed the bouquet… meanwhile the garter is basically floating directly to Alex’s hand…

As soon as he caught the garter, Alex immediately started prancing around majestically, showing off his trophy. Then he got down to business, which included laps around the lucky lady who caught the bouquet, stealing her glasses and a whole lot of gyrating. It was hysterical.

I’m going to have to ask you two to come to every wedding from now on please!

There were no formal parent dances, but I loved catching this moment between Mike and his mom!

Get it!

Congratulations Kate and Mike, I’m so glad I got to spend the day with you, have a fabulous honeymoon! Can’t wait to hear about it!