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Mayra and Brad • Ithaca Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

What a beautiful day Mayra and Brad had for their wedding! It started out dreary but the clouds were drifting away steadily throughout the day… the drive down to Ithaca was looking pretty ominous so we lucked out big time! The girls were ahead of schedule at the salon so I ended up meeting them at the lovely John Joseph Inn for preparations.

Mayra’s dress was so pretty…

The light at John Joseph Inn is so beautiful.

One of my favorites from the day, Mayra waits to head to Sage Chapel

And another great private moment, Mayra waits in the crypts for the ceremony to begin.

Beautiful as always!

Almost there… so happy! And I love that you can see Brad’s smile from the back of his head… that is a legit expression of joy right there!

Perfect first kiss! Well done you two!

Yet another private little moment… Mayra and Brad hurried back to the crypts to let guests filter out. Of course I had to follow them… I don’t think they knew I was there yet. I loooove it.

Hooray for bubbles! (And marriage, ha ha!)

We had to do the classic bridal party shot outside the chapel…

Then it was time for just Mayra and Brad. In our initial conversations, Mayra stressed that she and Brad don’t love posing for pictures so wanted to keep it laid back and fast… oh yeah, you guys are just awful at this.

Mayra wanted to head to the plantations on campus, where they have this cool dock… so glad we had a bit of blue sky by then!


I think this is my favorite portrait from the day!

This one is a close second though…

Of course we needed a shot of Mayra’s awesome reception shoes… sequined blue Chuck Taylors! I love Brad’s stance in this one too, like “Yep, that’s my lady!”

We did finally get a bit of light around sunset and Mayra and Brad were kind enough to oblige me while their salads waited for them! :)


Party time… Brad’s expression is the besssst!

I don’t know, but I like it.

I think this guy right here is going to have to be my MVP for the night. Every time I saw him dancing it consisted entirely of rocketing across the floor while waving his hands in the air and grinning. It was hilarious (and seemed to have some pretty good g-forces going!)


Thank you so much for having me Mayra and Brad! Have an amazing time in Croatia, I am so jealous! You know I had to do a google image search on that and it looks sooooo beautiful… have the best time!

Lindsay and Jared • Ithaca Wedding Photography

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Ah, where do I even begin? This season has just been incredible so far. I met Lindsay, Jared and Lindsay’s parents last year and they were just such nice people, I could feel the excitement emanating from them even though the wedding was over a year away… so I knew once the day actually arrived that it was just going to be such a warm, happy affair. Lindsay and I kept in touch via email over the year+ between booking and shooting and she was so sweet and funny and even shared an hilarrrrrrious dream she had involving wedding photography that had me totally cracking up.

I headed down to Ithaca bright and early to meet the girls at Julie Stone Salon. They did a lovely job and Lindsay’s hair was to die for… I was definitely getting a Veronica Lake vibe.

“It’s your daaaaay!!!” :) Yay sisters.

Lindsay told me that she’d had a tough time finding wedding dresses that were “her” until she saw this lovely Priscilla of Boston gown in a magazine and ripped the page out. The next time she saw her mom, her mom said she’d found the perfect gown for Lindsay… and it was the same dress!!! That is too crazy. But they were right, it was just perfect!

As I’ve said a million times, I’m obsessed with colored shoes for brides. I think it’s such a great little addition. These Badgley Mischka’s blew my mind up. I mean seriously.

Lindsay complimented Jared’s dad’s suit and this was their reaction. Love it.

Father of the bride looking at his little girl on the way to the Chapel… awww!

I love Sage Chapel on the Cornell campus. So beautiful.

Their ceremony was so personal and so lovely.

They took a few traditions and made them their own… they decided they’d both get to smash a glass. I love how Lindsay totally committed to this, even in her dainty heels!

It had rained on and off all day and it there was a loud rumble of thunder during the ceremony. I took a peek outside right after it ended and it was pouring, so I crossed my fingers that it would be done by the time we finished the family pictures. Miraculously, it did stop. Good thing, because we had a pretty motley assortment of umbrellas, ha ha! PS. Lindsay calls this one the “Friends” shot, ha ha ha! Perfect!

The views around Cornell are so fab.

Fun portraits!

Lindsay and Jared have been together for 10 years, but they have such a playfulness in their relationship, you’d think it had only been like 2 months. Super sweet.

I got to ride in the limo (yay!) and loved this cute moment of ring-admiring.

Jared was excited to see the ring shot… hope you like it! :)

Party time!

Everyone was just having so much fun all night!

Thankfully it looks like there is still someone who can Teach Us How to Dougie.

Congratulations and thank you so much for having me! I had the best time with you, your families and friends! I hope you have an incredible time in Fiji!!

Megan and Tim • Ithaca Wedding Photography

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Super late wedding blog! As I mentioned in my last post, I was on vacation all week in a place without the internets and spent most of my time trying to convince my sister’s dog to ride in the hatch of my kayak (fyi: I succeeded!) so I’m just getting around to blogging Megan and Tim!

I had been corresponding with Tim since last year about the wedding and was looking forward to meeting him and Megan, as well as shooting in some new (to me) venues. I met the ladies at Muller Chapel at Ithaca College where they were getting ready before the ceremony. Megan’s flowers were soooo pretty!

The chapel is really unique!

One of my favorite exits in a long time! Bubbles + sun flare = awesome!

It was so bright out in the afternoon, but we took a couple of shots outside of the chapel by the pond. More portraits from Buttermilk Falls at the end!

The reception was held at The Barn, which is a cool, rustic spot near the college.

Tee hee!

Buttermilk Falls is a cool place to shoot… I was there a few years ago for an engagement and was excited to go back. It was a little less, uh, buttermilky than usual because we haven’t had a ton of rain, but it was still very pretty!

Love her shoes! I have said it before and will say it again: colorful shoes on brides are the BEST!

They are so cute together :)

Congratulations Megan and Tim, it was a pleasure spending the day with you guys!

Trisha and Steve • Ithaca Wedding Photography

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Ooooh, welcome to my 101st post! It would’ve been cooler if I’d noticed the milestone on my last post, but whatever!

Trisha and Steve were my first couple booked over video iChat… I thought it’d be a great way to faux-meet seeing as they were trying to plan their wedding from Kansas! I even got to meet their little kitty, Karma. :) They were very sweet and I was excited to meet them, especially since we’re friends on facebook so I’ve had a little window into their lives the last year or so (lots of running and thesis-ing, ha ha!) and it was nice to finally get to hang out in person! It was a fun, beautiful and dramatic day (two power outages and a major thunderstorm!) and I am really excited about the images we got!

I headed down to the hotel in Ithaca where everyone was in good spirits and the girls were finishing their preparations.

Looking gorgeous Trisha!

The ceremony was at All Saints Church, in Lansing. I cannot tell you what a huge treat it was to shoot in a bright church! Like, majorly majorly awesome.

So happy!

We headed to a nearby park for some pictures…

Rings + antlers = cool!

Then we headed to a truly stunning spot for the reception. Trisha and Steve had told me that it was a self-sustaining house on an organic farm, and of course I had high hopes that it would be beautiful, and I was not disappointed.

A heavy thunderstorm rolled in and we had to leave the tent for a while because of the metal poles… the light was insane. If it hadn’t been raining with intense lightning I probably would’ve kidnapped Trisha and Steve to take a million photos in this light. I’d be sadder about it if we hadn’t gotten so much other awesome stuff!

Toasts… :)

And a few more portraits from around the farm… I really could’ve shot there for about five times as long. Ugh, it was so beautiful!

And finally… my favorite…

It was such a pleasure to photograph you guys, and I basically want to shoot every wedding at this spot from now on!!! :)

Chantelle and Rob • Ithaca Wedding Photography

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Chantelle contacted me last fall about photographing her wedding, and I have been looking forward to it ever since! From talking with her, I knew the wedding would be really beautiful, and of course I love working with people who are excited about pictures… the ceremony and reception took place at the Johnson Museum of Art on the Cornell campus, which I have never been to but was really looking forward to photographing.

I met up with the girls at the salon in the afternoon.


Doesn’t she look lovely?! Her dress was perfect for her, it was exactly what I pictured after talking to her!

This was the rainiest wedding I’ve ever shot (and my worst hair day ever except the time I cut the cowlick out of my bangs when I was 5) it just poured buckets all day with no letup, but we didn’t let that stop us! Chantelle and Rob did a first sight in front of the museum… I think Rob was waiting for me to tell him to look, which was really funny! I don’t usually direct stuff like this so I was in my little “shooting bubble” and thinking “Huh, why isn’t he turning around?” It was a great moment.


But he finally did turn around!


The ceremony was out on the sculpture court… the court is covered, but if it had been windy all the rain would’ve blown in, so we did get lucky with that aspect of it!


You know I got the real kiss, but I wanted to post this moment instead, it’s my favorite!


Almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

I loved shooting at the museum, it was so beautiful! This shot cracks me up… everything you need to know about the weather that day!


And dramatic!

Chantelle is such a happy bride, I love it! Nothing phased her, she just kept smiling. :)


Rob didn’t want to dance to the weird techno Whitney Houston… I didn’t blame him. ;)

He he

We also braved the elements for a quick shot outside.

Then headed for shelter.


So sweet.

Thank you so much for having me Chantelle and Rob!