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Rob and Elizabeth • Rochester Engagement Photographer

Friday, May 11th, 2012

“We’re pretty easy to spot,” said Rob while we were scheduling our first meeting. “I’m 6′4″ with red hair and a beard and Elizabeth is 5′2 with dark hair.” I’ll say!

Rob and Elizabeth contacted me last June about their Aurora Inn wedding and I was crossing my fingers they would book… two of my favorite things, fantastic couple and gorgeous location! They actually booked the Aurora before they were technically engaged because they found out there was only one Saturday left in 2012. Love it! I feel the same way about that place guys! So we met up for our shoot and Rob and Elizabeth stressed their extreme un-photogenic-ness, which I immediately scoffed at because A. they’re frickin adorable and B. I got this, y’all. After I emailed them the gallery, rob conceded that I did indeed prove my point. :)

They brought along their super duper pup Billy. Billy is ridiculously cute and very happy go lucky… he brought a lot of energy to our shoot! I’m obsessed with dogs in general but I’m really obsessed with dog ears… I LOVE when they have the one ear up, one ear down. It’s so jaunty! Look at this guy!

Floppy ear + random perfectly placed falling leaf!

So un-photogenic… I don’t know how I got through this shoot, honestly.

And she’s still shorter than him! ha ha

This wedding is going to be so fun, I can’t wait!

Can’t wait for July you two!!!

Chelsea and Steve • Rochester Engagement Photography

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

It’s so weird how the dozens of posts I wrote in the last two months completely disappeared from my blog! Must be a… uh, wordpress bug. *shifty eyes*
I just got back from a trip to Arizona for my second Pat’s Run , which was absolutely wonderful. I’ll post more about it once we have some of the professional pictures, but you can read last year’s post here if you’re so inclined. And even if you’re not inclined, you should read “Where Men Win Glory” because it is an excellent book!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged all my engagements yet. I got sucked into a vortex of decorating and puppy snuggling this winter that has been really hard to escape from. Chelsea and Steve booked me for their Skaneateles wedding last fall and we shot their engagement photos a couple of weeks later. We met down at the canal path in Pittsford where I was immediately consumed with jealousy upon seeing Chelsea’s hair. And boots. And scarf. (Ok I’m stopping!) These two are such a great pair… Chelsea is as sweet as can be and Steve is hilarious and had us cracking up the entire time. The wedding is going to be so flippin fun!!


They’re so cute.

I was not kidding about the hilarity…

For real!

he he

So sweet

I had to include this one… this was basically an accidental high noon showdown. I chatted with Chelsea and Steve about what I wanted them to do for this shot, then had both of us walk away from each other to get the distance I wanted. We swung around at the same time and bam! I’m going to say camera trumps finger guns, but that’s just me ha ha!

Can’t wait for October you two!!!

Lauren and Christopher • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Oh, me. So it turns out the busier the wedding season, the lazier I am in the off season. My poor, neglected blog!

At least I’m returning with a lovely, picnic-themed, summer engagement to break up the winter dreariness (although to be fair this has been the best winter ever.) You may recognize Lauren and Christopher from their beautiful, rustic Thousand Islands Wedding this past August. The engagement was an enticing preview for what Lauren had planned for her wedding… she and Christopher showed up with some seriously fun props (as well as their adorable selves!) for the shoot.

Lauren got special permission from this horse farm to use some of their land for the shoot. Such a good call!

Just have to love fences and flowers…

The props Lauren brought were the centerpieces and favors at the wedding, such a great idea!

We headed up to use the barn as a backdrop, perfect pretty rustic-ness.

I’ll use any excuse to add animals to shoots… this guy was so ready to be photographed.

We headed over to Casa Larga for some pretty vineyard shots as well.

I love this one so, they have such a cute flirtatiousness about them!

Such a pleasure to photograph these two and I’m so glad I finally got around to sharing this awesome shoot! More engagements on the way, hopefully sooner than later! ;)

Kate and Mike • Rochester Engagement Photography

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!! A huge thank you to all my incredible clients for making 2011 so lovely and to my 2012 clients for giving me so much to look forward to! (You too, 2013′ers!)

I have been super busy working on decorating my house, I am almost finished with my great room and will post before and after pictures as soon as I have it finished. I built 2/3rds of my chandelier this evening, I can’t wait to finish it!

I met with Kate and Mike in Victor (it was the least I could do considering they came all the way from Clinton, NY) over the summer and we set up the engagement for late September. We originally thought it was going to be cloudy and rainy but it ended up being a beautiful sunny day and we made our way through Rochester (and giant clouds of midges) to shoot at a few different locations. We started at Highland Park, Kate and Mike were like “We’re nervous!” but this was the second exposure I made. They are clearly lying liars.

The sun filtering through the trees was so pretty…

Kate + Mike + Black + White= hotness!

Ah, midges. The light was pretty intense over in this spot but I had to document the midges… yes, all those little glowing things were BUGS. Which, if you know me, is pretty much my nightmare. When I was in Iceland we went to a place called Lake Myvatn, the literal translation of which is Lake Midge (or Midge Lake, if you’re nasty.) Fortunately when we were there the midges weren’t there. Apparently they hatch a couple of times a year and the clouds are so thick you pretty much can’t breathe without them going in your mouth and stuff… I imagine it looks a bit like this. I had them in my bag, in my shirt, all over the place… it was pretty gross. But it looks awesome!!! And that’s all that counts (unless they had been spiders, in which case I would have set everything on fire and driven off a cliff.)

Then we headed to Village Gate for some more pictures, the light was getting prettier by the minute and Kate and Mike were killing it.

LOVE this one

And this one.

So much to work with at Village Gate!

Our final destination was the Old Toad, where these two met… I am so glad they met here, what a great photo op! And of course a couple of pints never hurt anybody! :)

So looking forward to the wedding you two, see you in a few months!

Alycia and Cameron • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Apologies for yet another lapse in blogging… I have spent the last month alternating between snuggling with Pepper, looking at Pepper, taking pictures of Pepper and looking at pictures of Pepper- a busy schedule that hasn’t left much time for blogging! Heh heh. Happy 2011! A huge thank you to all my incredible 2010 clients… what a year it was! I’m thinking of compiling a 2010 favorites post, but first things first!

Alycia is the sister one of my lovely 2008 brides, Cristyn, so of course I was thrilled to get her email about her 2011 wedding… I love doing multiple weddings for a family, it is so much fun! We chatted about the wedding and went over all the details and when they were ready to book I asked Alycia for her fiancé’s last name. When she told me, I pretty much turned into a valley girl and was like “NO. WAY. NOWAY!” It turns out Cameron and I grew up on the same street! I hadn’t seen him in probably 20 years, so of course I was excited to see him again. We lucked out with a 40-ish degree day (after 2 straight weeks of below freezing) and met up at High Falls to start things off.

There’s so much great color around High Falls.

One of my favorites… they’re so cute together.


We also headed over to the Memorial Art Gallery for a few shots. These twisted branches make a cool pattern in the background.

Alycia and Cameron were so fun to photograph, just totally chill and laughing pretty much the whole time. Makes things easy for me!

The front of the MAG is really beautiful.

This is ridiculously cute. Ridiculously!

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did, see you in a few months!!

Rebecca and Ryan • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Ahhh… that blog silence was the sound of me catching up on my editing! The end of the season is always a hectic time with so many weddings to edit and lots of people trying to schedule portraits to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors. I was so happy to get Rebecca and Ryan’s engagement in while the leaves were just at peak. Engagements are always a great way to get to know each other before the wedding, and without fail they make me 10x more excited for the wedding… that’s certainly the case here, Rebecca and Ryan were great sports and totally up for anything. It was such a fun shoot!

They brought their beautiful husky Kiyra, which was cool. I love dogs and am always in favor of incorporating pets in to shoots!

Leaves on the ground are perfect for photography. So much color! Also, SHOES! Those are some serious heels. My brides hike in stilettos, I love it.

At one point Rebecca confessed that she and Ryan were “bad at pictures.” Oh, you are so wrong my dear! So very, very wrong.

Ridiculously cute.

Love this one.

I’m a huge fan of things flying through the air during a shoot (snow, rain, pollen, seed puffs, whatever) I think they add so much to a picture, so any chance I get to use them is always welcome. Rebecca and Ryan were in the middle of this field and as they walked through, tiny seed things were flying around, so Ryan offered to kick a bunch and send up a big cloud. They went flying everywhere, but Rebecca and Ryan hung in there like champs for a cute picture!

Ryan was super helpful “encouraging” the puffs to fly out of the plants, ha ha. He’d kick them and then immediately jump right into a pose, it was pretty impressive.

For this shot, Rebecca grabbed a handful of plants and shook them… one unfortunate gust of wind sent the entire blob of puffs directly into Ryan’s mouth. This is pretty much the only time I’ve ever wished I shot video, because it was flippin hilarious. Ryan inhaled a couple puffs, they both started choking and then Ryan kind of dropped Rebecca. It was such a mess, but we were all cackling hysterically (and Kiyra was howling from the car, which just added another layer of funny.) Rebecca wanted to make sure I included that sequence on the disc, and of course I did… I thought the final result was pretty sweet, too.