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Susan and Scott • Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Finally getting fall weddings posted from facebook onto the blog! It’s so much easier to post on facebook so I posted everything there and fell a bit behind over here :) oops!
So excited to share Susan and Scott’s wedding! I met these two last fall for a fun engagement shoot around the Cornell campus. They brought along their adorable corgi Rosie. She was a star while we were shooting and even when we weren’t! School had just started and I think a lot of students needed some wiggle therapy so we were stopped frequently so people could pet her and bask in her cuteness. It was so fun. And of course Scott and Susan were really funny and we just had a great time walking around campus. After searching for just the right place, they found Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine in Lodi. Even though I have spent quite a lot of time in the Finger Lakes, I hadn’t heard of this venue yet! It is a pretty, sprawling estate with a rustic barn and such fantastic food!

Rosie was thrilled to announce her parents’ marriage!

Susan and her bridesmaids got ready at a beautiful house near Ithaca and we did the first look across the street at an old barn. When Scott and Susan first got in touch with me they were looking for suggestions on rustic venues, they found some great spaces!

Rosie was not at all pleased when her photo shoot time was over… I love her indignant expression juxtaposed with her little fluff pants. This picture kills me!

We had some really pretty areas to work with!

Susan’s dad had a few tears throughout the day, I am going to guess Susan asked him how he was holding up at this moment :) So cute

So pretty!

I kind of wanted to shoot the whole ceremony from this angle since the light was so nice!

Scott and Susan have a really playful relationship, it was a really fun day all around.

I got my eyes on you pal.


After the ceremony, Scott and Susan’s officiant had set up a little private spot for them to have a few moments alone… such a great idea, and such a sweet moment to capture.

Took a bit more time after the ceremony to wrap up the portraits…

and managed to sneak out for a few shots at sunset… beautiful!

The barn at Suzanne’s looked so pretty, I can see why Susan and Scott loved it! And the food was fabulous!

Time to party!

Scott’s dad easily snagged the MVP title… he owned the dance floor

ha ha!

Everyone had so much fun, what a great day!

Congratulations Susan and Scott, thank you so much for having me! You guys have a great group of family and friends, it was a really fun day for me!

Rebecca & Scott • Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Becca and Scott found me through one of my wonderful winter couples, Ashley and Joey… their wedding was held at a relatively new wedding venue, Gratitude and Grace, in Ithaca. It is a beautiful Victorian house with very pretty grounds and a barn for receptions.

Becca is such a sweet, laid-back bride… even with all the excitement of everyone zipping around to do hair, makeup and get dressed, Becca was like this little oasis of calm in the middle of all of it.

Becca and Scott’s sweet dog Sammy was a bit unnerved by all the activity so she focused in on her ports in the storm- mom and dad.

The atmosphere with the groomsmen was a bit sillier, lol…

Yes, it was a good day ha ha.

It was chilly and rainy in the morning but cleared up beautifully for the ceremony time. Becca was especially thrilled, her dream was to have her wedding outdoors!

Such joy.

The wedding ceremony was filled with laughter and sweetness.

Love the way they look at each other.

Really fun bridal party. :)

Although the groomsmen were a *little* bit slower with the direction following ha ha

I still can’t believe we got some beautiful sun after such a dreary start to the day!


I loved the two level setup of the barn, made for some cool pictures.

Like this one that makes me giggle. Peek peek!

Almost no one ever looks this good while twirling. There are usually a lot of weird blinks and facial expressions.

MVP goes to this groomsman who got some early points by hating spiders, and then clinched it with some sweet dance moves…

I didn’t even notice at first, but a guest pointed out when I posted this picture on facebook that she is making a sneaky appearance in this shot. Wait for it… lol!

Scott had some nice groom moves as well

He he he

Thank you so much for having me, Rebecca and Scott! It was a blast :)

Karen & Chris • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Karen and Chris planned a beautiful and unique wedding day! I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while, the ceremony took place on a dock on Grand Island and the reception was in a tent and then down by the water. Plus, any time I hear there will be a dog ring bearer I’m like “Yes. I have found my people.” Karen and Chris are really laid back and just wanted to have a great day with their family and friends on the water. Love how happy these two look!

Karen has got to be one of the most expressive brides ever, I love her smile!

Wedding guests were gathered on two terraces above the dock to watch the ceremony, Karen was pretty much thrilled to see everyone! And look at Riley down there like “hey mom!”

Such a joyful ceremony.

Riley was hilarious, he busted out a few different (and equally adorable) poses during the ceremony. The ring bearer shall not be upstaged! :)

Ha ha, it took a bit of elbow grease to get Chris’s wedding band on… Karen was up for the job!

Chris is hilarious and I love his expression here contrasted with Karen’s…

There’s the real thing!

Nice looking bridal party!

We headed to the Grand Island bridges for some portraits, very cool spot!

I loved Karen’s dress and bouquet, what a beautiful combination!

We also headed down to the boardwalk, I love this shot!!

So pretty down here.

I have also had two dreams about the moment before this picture when Chris almost dropped his wedding ring between the slats! LOL

Good thing he didn’t, because I love this shot and it would’ve been off balance with just Karen’s engagement ring and wedding band. ;)

Karen sadly lost her father so she shared her dance with her stepdad, her father’s twin brother and this man- a lifelong family friend. I was teared up while shooting this!

The dance party got started right away and did not quit!


I don’t know, but I like it? Especially because it is still daylight outside ha ha!

This is our MVP. I like to think in this picture he is telling every other contender to sit down because he’s got this. His dancing was magical and so full of emotions. I could have watched him forever!

Essential move.

Such a great night!

So happy :)

Congratulations Karen and Chris! Thank you so much for having me!

Julia & Jeff • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Julia and Jeff are so perfect together! They met on a late night garbage plate run (it’s even more unlikely considering that they’re both very athletic and in wellness fields!) and have been smitten ever since!
Julia and her girls had a relaxed morning having their hair and makeup done at Salon Brio and getting dressed at Del Monte Lodge. Julia was beaming!

Julia’s dress was dreamy!

We did a few pictures of the ladies along the canal, pretty light!

I love how much people love weddings… it’s so fun walking around in public with a bride and/or groom and having people congratulating them and cheering them on! Such a cool sense of togetherness.

Then I headed to Monroe Golf Club to take some pictures of Jeff and his groomsmen. Handsome crew!

Time for the wedding ceremony! I love how these two look at each other.

Jeff just looks so 100% ready. I love it.

Silliness with the wedding rings.

Hooray! Knot=tied!

Hello bridal party!

These two are so cute!

I just loved the belt Julia added to her wedding dress… so pretty!

The back of Julia’s dress was so gorgeous!

The theme of the wedding was “bling” which worked out really well for the ring shot! One of my favorites in a long time! The ballroom looked gorgeous as well.

Steve at Turner Music Productions started off the reception with a super fun game that was a combination of a scavenger hunt and musical chairs. Competition was fierce!

“Bring back a guest with a tattoo.” LOL

Bridesmaid Kim was NOT about to let the win slip through her fingers in the final round.

Her prize, which Jeff so kindly demonstrated how to use, was a giant bottle of vodka. Which brings also brings us to the coveted Wedding MVP™ award… Jeff was basically the king of the dance floor. Easy win, sir.

This was basically his expression most of the night. Love it.

Julia’s grandma had all the sass!

The bottle dance was transformed into the salt dance. It was majestic. And delicious.

Watch that shaker!

Congratulations Julia and Jeff!!! It was so fun to spend the day with you guys!

Amanda & Brian • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Amanda and Brian were absolutely the sunshine on a cloudy wedding day. These two are so happy and so in love, it was such a fun day! We started out at Bellezza Salon and then headed to finish preparations at the Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo. What a gorgeous estate, inside and out! Everyone was buzzing around getting ready, it was a really happy and excited atmosphereI love this shot so much… bridesmaids have many duties, not the least of which is making sure deodorant is dry!

Love Amanda’s megawatt smile!

The rain started just as the ceremony began, I loved Amanda and Brian’s reactions when they were brought an umbrella… embrace it!

Huddle up!

I love Sam’s expression, he was such a good best man!

So happy, so sweet!

Vanity Fair-ing

I love this one… we got like one little ray of sunshine for a few seconds.

Couldn’t be cuter, these two!

Ok, we’re jumping straight to Wedding MVP Award… Spencer was pretty much the greatest ring bearer/wedding guest of all time. This kid is all expression. So fun!

Seriously kid… I can’t take it!


Brian’s dad was also quite the party animal!

I think best man Sam may have been paying for the amazing burn he delivered to Brian during his toast… :)

Congratulations Amanda and Brian! Thank you for having me!!

Shannon & Cole • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Whew! Back after a mid-season break with a gorgeous wedding! Shannon and Cole booked me last fall and I had such a great time meeting with them. Shannon is so sweet and Cole is hilarious so I knew it’d be a great day. I met Shannon and her girls at Park Ave Salon for a few shots before the first look. It’s funny, I used to live right down the street from this place but never once shot there… I was impressed with the hair and makeup, wonderful work ladies! I loved how calm Shannon was!

Shannon made such a stunning bride!

We headed to Shadow Lake Golf Course to begin the festivities with a first look! Cole is a big car guy so Shannon came up with a bunch of cool ways to incorporate them into the day, including rolling up to the first look in one! These two are so adorable!

Getting ready ran a bit late and Shannon was hot so we waited until sundown to finish up the portraits… no complaints here! So soft and pretty.

Cole makes the best faces. I have a million of these and need at least a minute to laugh at each one.

He is also 6′7″ and likes to pick people up. Normally when siblings ask to get a picture together, this isn’t what happens. Or at least it ends in disaster. But Cole had it all under control and we didn’t need to call mercy flight or anything!

Shannon wanted a range of colors for the bridesmaids dresses, I think they look so beautiful together!

The guys had to come up their own way to feel beautiful. Nailed it.

The ceremony was beautiful and sweet.

I absolutely love how they’re looking at each other! 99% of the time during the recessional, couples are looking all over the place or at the camera and that is totally fine because OMG you just got married!!! But my favorite thing is when they are totally focused on each other like this! <3

Shannon and Cole said at our first meeting that a great party was a priority for them. Showcase Sound delivered for sure! I pretty much live for these kinds of gazes when I’m shooting. So so cute.

The mother-son dance involved more anti-gravity ha ha.

Wedding MVP was a really easy choice, Cole clinched it pretty much from the first song. He was a dancing machine!

If not for Cole, this groomsman would’ve earned the top spot… this picture makes me laugh so hard. Is he casting a spell? Air-groping someone? Scared for his life? We shall never know.

Maybe he was trying to help Shannon out of this predicament? LOL

Congratulations Shannon and Cole, you two are perfect together and I am so happy for you!