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Shannon & Cole • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Whew! Back after a mid-season break with a gorgeous wedding! Shannon and Cole booked me last fall and I had such a great time meeting with them. Shannon is so sweet and Cole is hilarious so I knew it’d be a great day. I met Shannon and her girls at Park Ave Salon for a few shots before the first look. It’s funny, I used to live right down the street from this place but never once shot there… I was impressed with the hair and makeup, wonderful work ladies! I loved how calm Shannon was!

Shannon made such a stunning bride!

We headed to Shadow Lake Golf Course to begin the festivities with a first look! Cole is a big car guy so Shannon came up with a bunch of cool ways to incorporate them into the day, including rolling up to the first look in one! These two are so adorable!

Getting ready ran a bit late and Shannon was hot so we waited until sundown to finish up the portraits… no complaints here! So soft and pretty.

Cole makes the best faces. I have a million of these and need at least a minute to laugh at each one.

He is also 6′7″ and likes to pick people up. Normally when siblings ask to get a picture together, this isn’t what happens. Or at least it ends in disaster. But Cole had it all under control and we didn’t need to call mercy flight or anything!

Shannon wanted a range of colors for the bridesmaids dresses, I think they look so beautiful together!

The guys had to come up their own way to feel beautiful. Nailed it.

The ceremony was beautiful and sweet.

I absolutely love how they’re looking at each other! 99% of the time during the recessional, couples are looking all over the place or at the camera and that is totally fine because OMG you just got married!!! But my favorite thing is when they are totally focused on each other like this! <3

Shannon and Cole said at our first meeting that a great party was a priority for them. Showcase Sound delivered for sure! I pretty much live for these kinds of gazes when I’m shooting. So so cute.

The mother-son dance involved more anti-gravity ha ha.

Wedding MVP was a really easy choice, Cole clinched it pretty much from the first song. He was a dancing machine!

If not for Cole, this groomsman would’ve earned the top spot… this picture makes me laugh so hard. Is he casting a spell? Air-groping someone? Scared for his life? We shall never know.

Maybe he was trying to help Shannon out of this predicament? LOL

Congratulations Shannon and Cole, you two are perfect together and I am so happy for you!

Erica & Pete • Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Erica and Pete are such a sweet couple! We had a wonderful engagement over the winter and they are so great together! They kind of met via facebook: Pete had his eye on Erica and friended her, and for the first date asked her to his fraternity formal. She was nervous about going to the event with someone she’d never met, but clearly it worked out!
Erica was so calm the morning of the wedding. Love her happy expression contrasted with her sister’s, lol! There was a lot of lacing up the back of the wedding dress, I’d be daunted too!

Erica made an absolutely stunning bride. I did zero photoshop enhancement of her eyes. Incredible!

We did a first look across from the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles.

So cute.

Love this one!

Fun bridal party!

Did a bit of touching up before the ceremony. I <3 mirrors.

Beautiful (and air conditioned!) church!

Lots of laughs during the wedding ceremony… I just love that!

See? I love when there is some humor mixed in. It is of course a very serious ceremony, but it should also be fun! Well done guys :)

I thought the candles gave such a pretty warmth to the altar.

Woo hoo!

We ran across the street quickly after their exit, found some gorgeous light.

The Sherwood looked absolutely beautiful. Chris Hessney of The Greenery came down from Vermont to do these gorgeous flowers! The bouquets and centerpieces were equally lovely.

Ormond Entertainment crafted a fantastic party, everyone was having a great time!

Sprinkler lessons… it is important that the youth know about these traditional wedding dances ha ha.

A little floor slide never hurt anyone. (Except for probably everyone over the age of 12’s knees)

MVP was a very very easy choice… the garter toss seemed like it was going to be pretty standard but as soon as Pete threw it this guy came majestically leaping across the scene looking like the Michael Jordan silhouette. I mean look at that form! And the height! Incredible. Plus I love that Pete looks like he’s giving some major speech, and you can see the garter just to the right of Pete’s ear. God I love this shot!

Three sisters dancing with Grandma! Love it! Bust a move :)

Every wedding can use a Piano Man singalong circle.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your day Erica and Pete, it was a great one!!

Aliya & Justin • Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

What a fantastic season 2014 has been so far! I have had the kindest, most adorable couples. Aliya and Justin were certainly no exception. These two are so sweet. They wanted to read cards they’d written to each other before the ceremony, but didn’t want to see each other. The hotel we were at didn’t have a lobby so finding a good corner in which to do this was a bit tough! I was glad to find this out-of-the-way and very simple spot for this shot, it worked out pretty well and Aliya and Justin were able to have a private moment before the ceremony.

Aliya was a gorgeous bride!

Not too shabby either, Justin. Their kids are going to have the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Love this sharp dressed man! He was prepared for duty.

I loved how seriously he took his ring bearer job. His compatriot was a bit more relaxed, ha ha.

Justin had a hard time holding back the tears.

Lots of smiling going on.

Mr and Mrs!!

We took the bridal party to a family friend’s house for pictures, they were great about pretending there weren’t 50 million bugs swarming us at all times, ha ha.

It was a very pretty spot for sure!

I expect quite a bit of catcalling in the comments on this one. Don’t let me down ladies!

We headed back to Belhurst for portraits of Justin and Aliya… these two made my job easy.

I want this to be a perfume ad. Ridiculously Good Looking, a new fragrance by Calvin Klein.

Starting to get some of that late afternoon prettiness.

Aliya’s gorgeous red hair looks extra pretty backlit! Jealous.

Aliya’s dad was a bit choked up during the father daughter dance.

But once party time rolled around everyone was feeling good!

The wedding DJ played some pretty fun games… here Justin was being serenaded with “I Will Always Love You”


We have a first in the ongoing Wedding MVP competition… I am almost certain this is the first time an inanimate (mostly) object has snagged the title. One of Justin’s good friends, Kevin, was unable to be at the wedding because of work so Aliya had a life sized cardboard cutout made of him. Kevin was the life of the party! He showed up at the ceremony and reception and he got a bit handsy with the guests but that Kevin is such a charmer… how could you even be mad?

The guys!

Aliya’s costume change was adorable and I’m pretty sure she’s the only person who could ever pull off a wedding romper! So cute! Congratulations lovebirds, thank you so much for having me!! <3

Marice & Nathan • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Starting the day off with a gorgeous bride! Marice is so sweet.

Marice and Nathan were married in an emotional ceremony at Holy Cross Church.

I love this moment where her parents are giving her away. So much love. Marice’s parents are some of the kindest people ever… so warm and friendly.

Marice shed some tears during the ceremony, and still managed to look lovely!

Marice and Nathan met in Alaska and their relationship has spanned the country with much time spent long-distance… so happy for them, finally married!


I do so love a bubble exit… so festive and joyful!

We headed to the Eastman House to take pictures in the Terrace Garden, what a gorgeous space with abundant photo spots!

Love these two! Marice’s skin is so beautiful.


I love how many different “looks” are available in a space like this… gardens, pretty architecture, cool columns, etc.

Then we headed to Irondequoit Country Club for a few more portraits and the reception.

Love shooting on this path.

While searching for a good spot to shoot the rings, I noticed some tiny paper cranes (that were kissing!) and thought that would make a cute wedding ring picture.

Such a sweet father daughter dance!

Nathan’s mom and brothers were having a great time on the dance floor…

and also some dance fights!

The dance floor was SO fun, people were there to partyyyy! At one point the singer of the wedding band was like “Are we in a musical?!” LOL!

Ha ha!

There were many, many MVP candidates, but this gentleman sealed the win with this move… best expression!

These guys (also dance-fighting) were a close second. I love the faces ha ha.

Why not, right?

There was an extensive limbo contest, going under with a child on your back is a special feat for sure!


And that about sums up the party! Everyone was having so much fun, it was such a great day! Thank you so much Marice and Nathan, congratulations!

Randi & Gary • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Ahh hooray! Randi and Gary’s day was so perfect, I want to shoot them every weekend! Randi contacted me two years ago and I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since! We had such a great time on our engagement shoot! When Randi got a joke I made about the cinematic masterpiece “Biodome” I knew we were meant to be ha ha.
I met the ladies at Woodcliff in the Art Deco suite, which was so perfect for Randi’s style. I was shooting the dress and Randi and her bridesmaid definitely thought they were out of the shot but I had to include them. Such a cute moment!

Shoes. Oh my god, shoes.

Gary works for Kay Jeweler so I knew the rings would be fantastic!

Love the layers going on here.

Such a sweet moment between Randi and her mom, and such a gorgeous bride!

I mean seriously. Stunner. Makeup by the very talented Sara Lovell!

We snuck off to City Hall for the first look… the light in there was so pretty!


Fun to have some architectural drama to play with!

We headed back to Woodcliff for the ceremony, which starred Rudy and DonLu. And also some other people. These faces! I die.

Just a stunning view. Wow.

The ceremony was short and sweet, my favorite kind! I love working with Jack Porcello, he puts together a beautiful ceremony and is so photographer-friendly! Thanks Jack!

Loved Randi’s unique veil/train hybrid.

He he, such fun all day with these guys. They’re both so expressive!

Work it.

We did a few quick portraits in full sun, beautiful in its own right…

…and came back outside later for some softer light. I just love how everything looks with the sunset and view!!

Too pretty

Randi and Gary wanted to do some Mortal Kombat reenactment, Randi channeled Sub Zero and gave Gary a fatality, lol… so good!

See what I mean? These two are so awesome.. this was them waiting for the first dance song to start!

So happy.

Randi’s maid of honor Mary had everyone laughing and crying…

The dance party was rocking.

I don’t know what this move is, but it’s awesome. This guy wanted to to make sure someone had a picture of me so we did a selfie that is somewhere in the ether… I hope he will cherish it forever, I gave my best face! *it looked like this >:[ ha ha

Our MVP tonight was kind enough to bring a sprinkler. It was a hot day, after all.

And this move, for good measure. LOL


He he

Thank you so much for having me Randi and Gary, it was a pleasure! Let’s do it again next year! :D

Allie & Rob • Skaneateles Wedding Photographer

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

What a long wait I had for Rob and Allie’s wedding! Rob got in touch with me last January and he and Allie were so kind and engaging, I really could not wait for this day! Since they were planning from out of town we didn’t officially meet until the wedding. Rob and his groomsmen were looking fresh!

Allie is so cute, it’s ridiculous! I love the nervous excitement in her face and posture as her wedding dress is laced up. I also got to put in her veil :) full service!!

Allie is such a gorgeous bride!

Rob and Allie were married at St. Mary’s in Skaneateles… such a pretty church!

All smiles!

I loved this moment, the officiant announced a second kiss but this time with the words “Allie, you may kiss your husband!” and this was her reaction! LOL


We headed to my favorite park for pictures, the bridal party was working it!

When we started with Rob and Allie’s wedding pictures, one sunbeam came out and you’d think it was the apocalypse… I started yelling for them to get over to the fountain, dropped half my gear on the ground and ran over to get some sweet backlight… love it! We got so lucky with that little break in the clouds!

Then the clouds came back, which is great for shooting at the lake… so pretty and serene!

We headed to the Lodge for the reception, it looked gorgeous as always! Thanks to Wildflowers for the lovely floral arrangements and Visa Versa Entertainment for some nice lighting and a killer party!

Such a cute first dance, I love how they are looking at each other! (Also Allie looks like Natalie Portman here, right?)

This is my favorite kind of cake cutting photo ha ha… you got it Allie!

Allie’s dad was ready to rock!

Cutest and least threatening Shark in the Water I ever did see ha ha

Rob’s brother was in it to win it on the dance floor.

There was a lot of flopping onto the floor.

He flung himself to the ground and leapt back up for every chorus of tubthumping (lol) and for that aerobic feat he wins the coveted Wedding MVP™ award.

Love this sweet moment!

At one point Allie grabbed Rob in a little private moment and said “Ahh! We’re married!!!!” I was so glad I could creep up on that moment ha ha. Congratulations you two! It was such a pleasure!!