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Becky and Mike • Rochester Wedding Photography

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Congratulations to Becky and Mike! I was really excited for this weekend, Becky is a good friend of my cousin Kristy (of Vegas Wedding fame) and we’ve been talking about her wedding for quite a while now! She’s sent me so many sweet emails out of the blue saying how excited she is about working together, which rules a lot. :)
I met up with Becky and Mike last week to go over the schedule and we spent half the time talking about IPA’s and brewing, uh hello kindred spirits!

The morning of the wedding, I headed out to meet the gents at “The Men’s Room” which I can say with certainty is a phrase I have never uttered before! They were there to get straight razor shaves, which is probably the coolest “guys getting ready” thing I’ve ever seen! They all loved it, and looked great… highly recommended! (Also, the Men’s Room has a Dundee Beer vending machine. I took a picture with my phone, sent it to everyone I know, and got about a hundred texts demanding to know where I was… ha ha!)

We had a lovely weekend for fall foliage, and Becky was looking stunning!

Loved the bouquet from Red Rose Florist, it was wrapped in fabric from Becky’s mom’s wedding dress, and her grandfather’s handkerchief. What a beautiful way to incorporate those heirlooms!

Seeing Becky for the first time, and just beaming.rochesterweddingphotographer-5

During the rehearsal, the officiant joked that they should “gaze longingly into eachothers’ eyes” during the ceremony… nailed it!

Have I discussed my love of officiants who stand off to the side during the ceremony?!


Guests were invited to sign these cool vintage skis that will be hung in Becky and Mike’s home. LOVE it.

Sweet first dance…


The toasts were really funny, and included “what not to do” advice from their married friends, and a top 5 list of weird places Mike has fallen asleep, which I can totally relate to… must be an Irish thing. Anytime, anywhere. Try me!


The night was a bit of a Vegas reunion, here are Kristy and Tony trying to figure out how to slow dance around her pregnant belly! Baby Megan (HINT) should be making her debut in the next couple of weeks, but that didn’t stop Kristy from rocking the dance floor and asking if anyone wanted to bet on whether or not she could do the dolphin! HA ha ha ha.

Amy was the subject of one of my favorite dancing pictures from Kristy and Tony’s wedding, and did not disappoint this time around!




A little MJ

And some portraits… Colgate has some fabulous trees!
Yes, I’m that funny. Kidding, this was all Mike.




Thank you Becky and Mike! I had a great time with you… have a fabulous time in Seattle and hug a Redwood for me. I’m super jealous!

Sean and Jillian’s baby photographs

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


I had to start off with that shot, because that is the cuteness I was greeted with when I first walked in the door for this shoot! Jen contacted me about photographing adorable 9-month-old Jillian and her big brother Sean, 2. The cheeks, the eyes, the teeny little pigtails… she is too cute!

Sean is totally adorable as well. He was a little wary when I first arrived:

Then he wanted to show off some of his climbing and cleaning skills (I love to let children do their thing and photograph them playing and having fun):

He did finally look at the camera for about 1/320th of a second but I was ready for him!

Meanwhile, little Jillian was just hanging out… she is very quiet and observant and likes to watch her brother zip around the room. Her eyes are so beautiful!

I had a great time with this adorable family, thank you guys! :)

Baby love!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Hello everyone! Sorry for the blog-lag. I’ve been off in album-design-land, a magical place where people sit hunched over Indesign into the wee hours of the morning… but don’t worry, that’s when I’m most productive! So far, each client I have sent albums to this season has requested extra copies, which is great! They really do look beautiful, and I’m so pleased that my couples love them so much!

Now, I don’t generally advertise myself as a baby photographer, but it’s something I do once in a while that I really enjoy… so I’ve decided to run a little promo! Anyone who books baby session between now and Valentine’s Day will receive $25 off the session fee! Contact me for details… and bring on the babies!



Jamie and Matt’s Oak Hill Country Club Wedding

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

What a perfect day for a fantastic couple! Jamie and Matt are two of the nicest (and really ridiculously good looking…) people around… I was so thrilled when they booked with me last year! They now also hold the title for coolest wedding favor ever- home made vanilla extract! Who knew there was vodka involved? I have a whole new respect for vanilla ;)

I met up with the girls at Jamie’s parents’ house for some getting ready pictures…
sisterly cutness!

Jamie wore her mother’s wedding dress, which is such a sweet idea. They removed the sleeves and changed the neckline and a few other things to update it and make it her own… cool!

Jamie and Matt decided to do a first sight, which is such a great idea… especially for winter weddings, we got to do some portraits before the sun went away! I loved their reactions, just so quietly happy.

The ceremony at the University of Rochester was really charming.

I loved the vows!

Then it was on to Oak Hill Country Club. The toasts were hilarious…



Robot attack

And the portraits from earlier!

Is it something I said?!?? :)


Jamie is a dancer, can you tell?

This was just after the ceremony, on the river… I used the Sunrise/Sunset calculator on my iPod to check if we’d be in time for it when the ceremony ended and we just caught it. So pretty… thanks iPod! And mother nature, I guess. ;)

I stayed up late to finish this post (there were a few technical difficulties) I hope you two get to see it before heading off to Hawaii! I had an excellent time with you guys, congratulations!

Aidan is One! Rochester Baby Portraits

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I had the pleasure of photographing little Aidan for the first time this week… Aidan’s first birthday is in a couple of weeks, and he’s a pretty advanced little guy!  He was so sweet and easy to work with, going back and forth between giggles, a killer blue-steel look, and trying to raid my camera bag.  I met Aidan’s parents Colleen and Travis at Kristy and Tony’s wedding in Vegas, and was so excited when they contacted me to do a session with Aidan at their home!

Aidan was such a sweet pea from the start, he’s definitely the kind of baby that makes people go “Hey, I want one of those!”

Playing it cool…

But unable to keep a straight face as I crawled around on the ground like a big dork:

Here he is breaking into my camera bag, he he!

But who could ever be mad at this little face?

Baby attack! Ridiculously adorable baby attack!

Colleen mentioned that Aidan loves horses… me too, kiddo!

I love this series… he wasn’t totally feeling the cute bear hat, but Colleen and I definitely were. :D

“Are we done yet?”

Those eyes…

And eyelashes…

Thanks guys, I had so much fun!

Danielle and Trevor’s Ithaca Wedding

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

I met Danielle and Trevor last fall, we headed to Ithaca for an engagement shoot and I had so much fun with them.  We shot around town and went around the Cornell campus a bit as well, then they treated me to a tasty lunch before I headed back home!
I’d been looking forward to their wedding for the whole year, and the inital forecasts were that the remnants of hurricane whicheveroneican’tkeeptrackanymore was supposed to be heading into New York, and I was really keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn’t be rained out- we’d had a pretty grey day for the e-shoot as well. Fortunately, it ended up being a bit overcast, but no rain! I met up with the girls at Satori Day Spa for the getting ready, everyone was nice and chill, enjoying the morning.

Beautiful dress!

Sage Chapel is so pretty.


I love that the officiant stepped to the side during the rings, it made a nice clean background- thanks!!

Yay bubbles!

First dance!

This was a serious group of dancers… people were up dancing between meal courses, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen!

And some portraits around the beautiful campus!

Look familiar? :) I think I figured out that this is an English Weeping Beech, I love it!

Congratulations you two, I have had such a great time working with you!!