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Mayra and Brad • Ithaca Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

What a beautiful day Mayra and Brad had for their wedding! It started out dreary but the clouds were drifting away steadily throughout the day… the drive down to Ithaca was looking pretty ominous so we lucked out big time! The girls were ahead of schedule at the salon so I ended up meeting them at the lovely John Joseph Inn for preparations.

Mayra’s dress was so pretty…

The light at John Joseph Inn is so beautiful.

One of my favorites from the day, Mayra waits to head to Sage Chapel

And another great private moment, Mayra waits in the crypts for the ceremony to begin.

Beautiful as always!

Almost there… so happy! And I love that you can see Brad’s smile from the back of his head… that is a legit expression of joy right there!

Perfect first kiss! Well done you two!

Yet another private little moment… Mayra and Brad hurried back to the crypts to let guests filter out. Of course I had to follow them… I don’t think they knew I was there yet. I loooove it.

Hooray for bubbles! (And marriage, ha ha!)

We had to do the classic bridal party shot outside the chapel…

Then it was time for just Mayra and Brad. In our initial conversations, Mayra stressed that she and Brad don’t love posing for pictures so wanted to keep it laid back and fast… oh yeah, you guys are just awful at this.

Mayra wanted to head to the plantations on campus, where they have this cool dock… so glad we had a bit of blue sky by then!


I think this is my favorite portrait from the day!

This one is a close second though…

Of course we needed a shot of Mayra’s awesome reception shoes… sequined blue Chuck Taylors! I love Brad’s stance in this one too, like “Yep, that’s my lady!”

We did finally get a bit of light around sunset and Mayra and Brad were kind enough to oblige me while their salads waited for them! :)


Party time… Brad’s expression is the besssst!

I don’t know, but I like it.

I think this guy right here is going to have to be my MVP for the night. Every time I saw him dancing it consisted entirely of rocketing across the floor while waving his hands in the air and grinning. It was hilarious (and seemed to have some pretty good g-forces going!)


Thank you so much for having me Mayra and Brad! Have an amazing time in Croatia, I am so jealous! You know I had to do a google image search on that and it looks sooooo beautiful… have the best time!

Lauren and Christopher • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Oh, me. So it turns out the busier the wedding season, the lazier I am in the off season. My poor, neglected blog!

At least I’m returning with a lovely, picnic-themed, summer engagement to break up the winter dreariness (although to be fair this has been the best winter ever.) You may recognize Lauren and Christopher from their beautiful, rustic Thousand Islands Wedding this past August. The engagement was an enticing preview for what Lauren had planned for her wedding… she and Christopher showed up with some seriously fun props (as well as their adorable selves!) for the shoot.

Lauren got special permission from this horse farm to use some of their land for the shoot. Such a good call!

Just have to love fences and flowers…

The props Lauren brought were the centerpieces and favors at the wedding, such a great idea!

We headed up to use the barn as a backdrop, perfect pretty rustic-ness.

I’ll use any excuse to add animals to shoots… this guy was so ready to be photographed.

We headed over to Casa Larga for some pretty vineyard shots as well.

I love this one so, they have such a cute flirtatiousness about them!

Such a pleasure to photograph these two and I’m so glad I finally got around to sharing this awesome shoot! More engagements on the way, hopefully sooner than later! ;)

Emily and Dan • Rochester Wedding Photography

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

After meeting with Emily and Dan and doing a super sweet engagement session I was really excited for the wedding. They’re just really cute together, Dan’s quiet and Emily is bubbly, and the way he looks at her is so very sweet! Plus they’re kickass models. :)

Emily’s mom made this awesome birdcage veil. I do so love a birdcage.

This girl knows how to work it!

Dad sees her for the first time. And seriously people, how gorgeous and perfect is this dress on her?

The ceremony was at St. Louis Church in Pittsford, which I LOVE. I’d never been there before, but the light is great, the whole church is beautiful and the setup is pretty fantastic photo-wise. Having the chairs for the bride and groom on the left side of the altar is basically infinity times better than on the right. :)


A couple of tears from Emily’s dad… awwwwwww!

Seriously, LOVE this place.

The reception was at the Memorial Art Gallery, which is a really cool spot for a party! Emily and Dan (and a bunch of their friends) are chefs, so uh no pressure on the caterers or anything, ha ha. They had some pretty nice moves for the first dance…

More tears!



How cute is this picture???! Everyone was having so much fun!


Get down, get down!

Killer! Kind of has a Pulp Fiction dance vibe, right?

Before the reception, we headed off to the Woodcliff to take advantage of the view. The bridal party was awesome, thankfully it wasn’t as cold as Pam and Jared’s wedding, but it was still pretty bitter out there!

Nice light!




We also did some stuff at the gallery, which has some cool places to shoot. I like the crazy pattern of the branches.

This was a quick indoor shot, I couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted it, but thought it turned out kinda cool anyway.


I knew Emily was going to bring it with the footwear after she wore heels to our engagement session at Mendon Ponds and called them her “hiking boots” and these did not let me down! I adore colorful shoes on brides!



Thanks so much Emily and Dan, I’ve had such a great time working with you guys! Have an amazing time in Florida!

Also, I can stay silent on this issue no more… I’m With Coco. 1000%
Viva la Conando!

Pam and Jared • Rochester Wedding Photography

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Happy 2010 everyone! I’d like to thank all my 2009 clients for making it such a fun and successful year!

Pam and Jared were married this weekend, just after New Year’s, and I can’t even begin to express how amazed I am at how smoothly everything went… Pam is a friend of one of my couples from this summer (more on that later!) and her first question was whether or not I’d be able to take care of planning from overseas- Jared is in the military and is stationed in Germany, so they’ve been back and forth a bunch of times in the last few months, came back to New York for the holidays and their wedding, leave for Jamaica on Tuesday and then the day after they get back, they’re officially moving to Germany. Just take a second to think about that. Planning a wedding, moving to a foreign country, honeymoon travel, and holidays all within about TWO WEEKS. My head is about to explode thinking about it. But you’d never guess from how chill everyone was during the lead-up to the wedding.

I met the girls at the Radisson downtown where they had a beautiful suite overlooking the city.

Some finishing touches…

Looking lovely!

When Pam and I first met earlier this fall, I showed her some pictures from other winter weddings I’ve done and she really wanted some cute winter accessories to go with her dress… I looooove this muffler.

As always, I’m thrilled when clients decide to do a “first sight” and it was essential on this day because the sun was going to be completely gone over an hour before the ceremony! So cute! (Fun portraits at the end)


First dance… I love those star lights.

The speeches were great- emotional and really funny.


Krystle and Tim!!! I love when I get to see past clients, especially when they live hundreds of miles away. Cute as ever! Really great to see you guys, marriage looks good on ya!

Some of you may recall this guy was one half of the beautiful choreographed dance from Krystle and Tim’s wedding. I was hoping for an encore performance… no such luck, but he still brought some moves. :)

It got a liiiiittle bit rowdy… the guy in the foreground is my favorite part. I was making the same face!

Chair dance terror!

This one makes me laugh… so dedicated to the rhythm.




I always like to end with the portraits, they serve as a nice punchy conclusion.. what do you guys think?
We headed to the Lamberton Conservatory for portraits, that place is beautiful!




Spanish moss is cool, I like both these angles.


And finally, my favorites, we got about 12 seconds out in the -12 degrees… I heart snowflakes!


Congratulations you two, have a fantastic time on the honeymoon and I hope everything goes smoothly with the move! Talk soon. :)

Emily and Dan • Rochester Engagement Photography

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Catch up time! I have a few shoots that I wasn’t able to blog because the wedding season was so busy, so now is the perfect time to post some of them- and since they were shot when it was nicer out, we can all pretend that it’s not cold, dreary, gray and leafless outside! Bonus!

Emily and Dan are getting married in January, and we got together for a sweet shoot during peak fall colors. We met up at Mendon Ponds and had about 2 minutes before it started pouring, so we decided to meet again the next day and I’m so glad it happened that way! The next day I came across this cool field that had these weird seed pods with white cottony seed puffs floating around, so I tossed the idea out to Emily and Dan and they were game… I’m posting these first because I LOVE them so much!

We had to keep waiting for the wind to bring a cloud of the puffs over, and Emily and Dan were perfect models every time I yelled that some were coming. Well done!




Then we headed back to Mendon Ponds and got some shots with their two puppies Jake and Gracie. They’re such a funny pair, and totally adorable.

Shooting with dogs is so hilarious… looking calm and cool on a peaceful nature walk:

….aaaaand 2 seconds later, playtime! He he he, I love dogs :)




Then we left the pups for a few more of the romantic ones


All of my couples are pretty adventurous anyway, but it’s nice when we don’t have to worry about getting dresses dirty!

Love them in this shot! They really are cute together.

Looking forward to January you two, enjoy the holidays and see you soon!
I’ve got some other engagement and portrait shoots to blog, so stay tuned for those as well everyone :)

Gina and Dave • Rochester Wedding Photography

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

2009 wedding season comes to a close for me with a really fun wedding that I had been looking forward to all year… Gina told me that she and Dave both had big Italian families and they were expecting one heck of a party. They did not disappoint!

The ladies got ready at the Brookwood Inn

Then we headed to St. Mary’s downtown, which is really beautiful and open.

The officiant was teasing them for standing so far apart ;)

After the ceremony, we went to Corn Hill for some portraits with the bridal party… we had awesome light! Soft late afternoon light and dark blue clouds in the background, which I LOVE.

Ooooh la la! Big thanks to one of the groomsmen for helping with the veil!

Looking lovely Mrs!


Gina and Dave wanted to stand in the road for this shot with the Rochester sign in the background… who am I to argue? :)

Then we headed to Midvale for the party.

There was a sweets room. It took a lot of effort for me to not accidentally fall face first into this mojito flavored gelato.

Dancing! Gina reminds me of a Disney princess with that million dollar smile.


So sweet how they’re looking at eachother.



My cousin Kristy STILL rocking the dance floor even though she was due last Wednesday! So awesome!




The Turtle! This cracks me up every time I look at it!




And saving my two favorites for last… mmmmmmm.


Also a big thanks to Andrea at SE Video for being so fun to work with, I can’t wait to see the video!

Thanks so much Gina and Dave, I hope you’re having a fabulous honeymoon!