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Rochester Wedding Photographer • Holly & Paul

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Hooray for Holly and Paul! These two are very good friends of mine and I have watched their relationship grow from a chance meeting at a karaoke night at a bar (a girl who does not drink and a guy who does not pick up girls at bars, lol) to this beautiful marriage. Normally I do not photograph my friends, but this was a special circumstance- a family only wedding, so this was the only way I could creep my way on to the guest list ;) Holly bought her stunning dress at Stella’s Bridal Boutique. Such a fabulous little shop, we had such a nice time there… it was so private and quiet and adorable in there and the dresses were fabulous. Obviously. One of my favorite dress shopping experiences!

The wedding was held at the Rabbit Room, one of my favorite venues! I love the rustic look and their food is incredible!

Perfect bride! Makeup by the ridiculously talented Erica Abdo, hair by Pharaoh’s Hairum.

At our insistence Erica brought her adorable little dog Precious along, she acted as our wedding therapy dog in case anyone got too emotional!

Back to Holly’s hair… Pharaoh’s did suuuuch an incredible job. This is such a breathtaking and intricate updo, everyone was losing their minds over it! And this shot was near the end of the day after a ton of hugs and being in the rain. Holly’s dad (very accurately) referred to it as a work of art. So beautiful.

Love everything about Holly’s bridal style!

Lots of pretty spaces around the Rabbit Room!

Paul! What a handsome groom. He and Holly are so perfect for each other.

I love when my brides and grooms are so expressive during the wedding ceremony.

It was just such a happy day!

Holly is one of the most animated people you’ll ever meet, we all love this classic #hollyface shot!

I love this ring exchange… they’re so ready!

What a beautiful first kiss! From a photographic standpoint, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m assuming they enjoyed it as well ha ha!

We only had a few minutes for portraits because it was raining and very, very cold, but it looked so pretty out! The Rabbit Room always decorates so festively!

Somehow, these trees time traveled from early October to look pretty in the background of our pictures. Thanks trees!

Black and white wedding portraits in the rain… one of my favorite things!

Holly and Paul had a dinner reception with no dancing other than the first dance… what a sweet dance it was. Ran the gamut from tears to laughter.

Could they be any cuter together?

Even though there was no official dance floor, we still had to pick an MVP. Dancing scarfy for the win!

Congratulations Holly and Paul! It was such an honor to photograph your wedding!

Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer • Jen & Chris

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

When I met with Jen and Chris and Jen said “I am not really worried about the details, I just want to have a great day, great beer and a fun party” I was like “are you me?” Those are my three primary interests, basically! Ha ha! We had a great time chatting about their wedding plans, our favorite beers and a bunch of other topics. Jen made a gorgeous bride, love that smile!

Both the father of the bride and grandfather of the bride escorted Jen down the aisle, such a sweet moment… perfect tear!

The wedding ceremony was in such a pretty church!

These two have so much fun together, I love Chris’s expression during the exchange of wedding rings! It was a really fun day!

Such a happy pair.

We headed to the docks in Watkins Glen for portraits, I love this spot! Crazy clouds always look so cool in pictures.

The foliage was near peak so everything was looking gorgeous. Hot wedding party didn’t hurt either.

Had to give the bridesmaids major credit for dealing with the freezing temps… worth it though, right? Such a beautiful location!

My favorite! I love being able to shoot such a happy, loving bride and groom in such a beautiful setting! What more could I ask for?


They’re just so cute! I love Chris’s megawatt smile.

Another stunning location! We basically took a tour of all the best places in the area.

We headed back to Starkey’s Lookout for the wedding reception reception where my favorite band, Something Else were ready to rock everyone’s faces!

Jen and Chris hadn’t had a chance to see them, they just hired them based off their great word of mouth… I am pretty sure they were pleased lol. Chris was definitely the MVP of the party, he was killing it all night! I love a groom that dances. Makes me so happy!

Please RSVP to the gun show.


Thank you so much Jen and Chris, I was looking forward to working with you for so long! You made it such a fun day!! Congratulations!

Rochester Wedding Photographer • Carly & Bryan

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

I got to meet Carly and Bryan a couple of times before their wedding, they’re very sweet and definitely seemed focused on just having a fun, easygoing day. When I arrived at the Memorial Art Gallery in the morning, Carly was so calm and things were pretty much on schedule… I love a relaxed bride! She looked just gorgeous!

Carly and her dad were a bit emotional when they first saw each other, I love how this dramatic light emphasizes the tear falling down her cheek.

Another cute father-daughter moment… “you ready, dad?” :)

Love how the light falls at this angle at Chapel Hill… Carly is just so happy!

Another beautiful ceremony by Jack Porcello, Carly and Bryan were all smiles!

Perfect first kiss!

Love those happy faces! Such a great recessional picture!

Fun shot with the bridal party outside of Chapel Hill. I love when there are places like this to take dramatic pictures.

We also headed to Mt. Hope Cemetery for some wedding party portraits… brings back memories of the time I was trapped in there after dark!

The groomsmen were into this tree, made for a great place to show off all these rad socks!

Now time for bride and groom portraits, one of my favorite parts of the day! Especially when they are so cute together :)

So romantic!

The clouds parted and gave us some gorgeous sunlight for the rest of the afternoon… so pretty!

We headed back to the Memorial Art Gallery for a few more pictures.

Love the tree tunnel!

Gorgeous! Probably my favorite from the day. Even get to see the adorable Betsey Johnson wedding shoes in this one :)

The ballroom at the Memorial Art Gallery looked lovely all decked out. Carly and Bryan have the honor of having the best wedding favors I’ve ever seen… Carly’s grandfather painted around 170 mini paintings, one for each guest. OMG. I was desperately hoping for some no-show guests so I could get one, but it looked like people were hoarding them so I was out of luck. I guess when I get married I’ll just have to commission him to do a million portraits of my pup to “give” to my guests. (I will keep them all.)

Such a cute first dance… I just love Carly’s beaming smile!

These two were very ready to kick off the reception and dancing!

The reception was in full swing pretty much immediately, this was a fun crowd!

LOL, dancing is hard work

The father of the groom was definitely the MVP… he had a lot of fancy footwork!

So many good faces in this shot lol.

This shot is a bit of an inside joke… I snapped this shot just as this guy was reacting to something kinda… icky lol. He asked if I’d just taken his picture, so I showed him and then we laughed for way too long… it was hilarious!

Congratulations Carly and Bryan, thanks so much for having me!!

Mayra and Brad • Ithaca Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

What a beautiful day Mayra and Brad had for their wedding! It started out dreary but the clouds were drifting away steadily throughout the day… the drive down to Ithaca was looking pretty ominous so we lucked out big time! The girls were ahead of schedule at the salon so I ended up meeting them at the lovely John Joseph Inn for preparations.

Mayra’s dress was so pretty…

The light at John Joseph Inn is so beautiful.

One of my favorites from the day, Mayra waits to head to Sage Chapel

And another great private moment, Mayra waits in the crypts for the ceremony to begin.

Beautiful as always!

Almost there… so happy! And I love that you can see Brad’s smile from the back of his head… that is a legit expression of joy right there!

Perfect first kiss! Well done you two!

Yet another private little moment… Mayra and Brad hurried back to the crypts to let guests filter out. Of course I had to follow them… I don’t think they knew I was there yet. I loooove it.

Hooray for bubbles! (And marriage, ha ha!)

We had to do the classic bridal party shot outside the chapel…

Then it was time for just Mayra and Brad. In our initial conversations, Mayra stressed that she and Brad don’t love posing for pictures so wanted to keep it laid back and fast… oh yeah, you guys are just awful at this.

Mayra wanted to head to the plantations on campus, where they have this cool dock… so glad we had a bit of blue sky by then!


I think this is my favorite portrait from the day!

This one is a close second though…

Of course we needed a shot of Mayra’s awesome reception shoes… sequined blue Chuck Taylors! I love Brad’s stance in this one too, like “Yep, that’s my lady!”

We did finally get a bit of light around sunset and Mayra and Brad were kind enough to oblige me while their salads waited for them! :)


Party time… Brad’s expression is the besssst!

I don’t know, but I like it.

I think this guy right here is going to have to be my MVP for the night. Every time I saw him dancing it consisted entirely of rocketing across the floor while waving his hands in the air and grinning. It was hilarious (and seemed to have some pretty good g-forces going!)


Thank you so much for having me Mayra and Brad! Have an amazing time in Croatia, I am so jealous! You know I had to do a google image search on that and it looks sooooo beautiful… have the best time!

Lauren and Christopher • Rochester Engagement Photography

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Oh, me. So it turns out the busier the wedding season, the lazier I am in the off season. My poor, neglected blog!

At least I’m returning with a lovely, picnic-themed, summer engagement to break up the winter dreariness (although to be fair this has been the best winter ever.) You may recognize Lauren and Christopher from their beautiful, rustic Thousand Islands Wedding this past August. The engagement was an enticing preview for what Lauren had planned for her wedding… she and Christopher showed up with some seriously fun props (as well as their adorable selves!) for the shoot.

Lauren got special permission from this horse farm to use some of their land for the shoot. Such a good call!

Just have to love fences and flowers…

The props Lauren brought were the centerpieces and favors at the wedding, such a great idea!

We headed up to use the barn as a backdrop, perfect pretty rustic-ness.

I’ll use any excuse to add animals to shoots… this guy was so ready to be photographed.

We headed over to Casa Larga for some pretty vineyard shots as well.

I love this one so, they have such a cute flirtatiousness about them!

Such a pleasure to photograph these two and I’m so glad I finally got around to sharing this awesome shoot! More engagements on the way, hopefully sooner than later! ;)

Emily and Dan • Rochester Wedding Photography

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

After meeting with Emily and Dan and doing a super sweet engagement session I was really excited for the wedding. They’re just really cute together, Dan’s quiet and Emily is bubbly, and the way he looks at her is so very sweet! Plus they’re kickass models. :)

Emily’s mom made this awesome birdcage veil. I do so love a birdcage.

This girl knows how to work it!

Dad sees her for the first time. And seriously people, how gorgeous and perfect is this dress on her?

The ceremony was at St. Louis Church in Pittsford, which I LOVE. I’d never been there before, but the light is great, the whole church is beautiful and the setup is pretty fantastic photo-wise. Having the chairs for the bride and groom on the left side of the altar is basically infinity times better than on the right. :)


A couple of tears from Emily’s dad… awwwwwww!

Seriously, LOVE this place.

The reception was at the Memorial Art Gallery, which is a really cool spot for a party! Emily and Dan (and a bunch of their friends) are chefs, so uh no pressure on the caterers or anything, ha ha. They had some pretty nice moves for the first dance…

More tears!



How cute is this picture???! Everyone was having so much fun!


Get down, get down!

Killer! Kind of has a Pulp Fiction dance vibe, right?

Before the reception, we headed off to the Woodcliff to take advantage of the view. The bridal party was awesome, thankfully it wasn’t as cold as Pam and Jared’s wedding, but it was still pretty bitter out there!

Nice light!




We also did some stuff at the gallery, which has some cool places to shoot. I like the crazy pattern of the branches.

This was a quick indoor shot, I couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted it, but thought it turned out kinda cool anyway.


I knew Emily was going to bring it with the footwear after she wore heels to our engagement session at Mendon Ponds and called them her “hiking boots” and these did not let me down! I adore colorful shoes on brides!



Thanks so much Emily and Dan, I’ve had such a great time working with you guys! Have an amazing time in Florida!

Also, I can stay silent on this issue no more… I’m With Coco. 1000%
Viva la Conando!